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In India, women comprise about 30 percent of corporate senior management positions, which is notably higher than the global average (24 percent). But in the overall workforce, India is one of the worst countries in the world — 113th out of 135 — when it comes to the gender gap. And women entrepreneurs constitute only 10 percent of the total number of entrepreneurs in the country.


Women must think big and realize their responsibility in country’s progress. Keeping aside the economy, she herself needs to realize her undaunted persona and be an equal risk bearer in framing a professional fit. It’s high time that women come at the forefront and realize the undying potential that they adhere. Being at par and having an equal competency specifies that they have to be an equal contributor at every front to aim for holistic development. If women don’t play a meaningful role at entrepreneurial front, then half of the world’s potential talent pool will remain under-utilized and our dream to be a global super power will remain a far-fetched dream.


However, the hidden entrepreneurial potential of women has gradually been changing with the growing sensitivity to the role and economic status in the society. Women are increasingly becoming conscious of their roles, their rights and their work situations. Today the existing women entrepreneurs represent a group of women who have broken all the unnecessary shackles and are exploring new avenues of economic participation. Women entrepreneurs are more zealous and result-oriented and the reasons for women to run organized enterprises successfully are their skills and knowledge, their talents, abilities and creativity in business and a compelling desire of wanting to do something on their own.


In this evolving and busy world, startup entrepreneurs are highly important in elevating the growth curve for the economy. And, women are typically better at it than men, (based on a new Dow Jones report which states startups with female executives are more likely to succeed than men.) Having so much to contribute to the economy and development women must realize their potential and step ahead to make a difference.