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Having an equal share and power to form a government, women still lack the much-deserving stature in the country. They hold the right talent, capability and expertise to mark a dent in the universe but still lack the apt opportunities to make a difference.

In our country, as in many parts of the world, a woman is considered to be a homemaker foremost. Based on the report shared by the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) known as the Global Gender Gap Report 2014, Indian women spent an average of 352 minutes per day on unpaid work (men spent 52).

Whilst considering the agrarian sections of the country, where women work as hard in the fields as men, they are also expected to manage the home, not acknowledging the equal amount of toil the women puts in.

According to the same WEF report, India’s women make up slightly over a third of the workforce, get paid just over half of what men get for similar work and on average, earn a quarter of what men do.

Aside from the multiple societal barriers, there are also legal hurdles for women who start enterprises. For example, a woman cannot be the Karta in a Hindu Undivided Family and is thus ineligible for related tax benefits; and while she can own land, the law gets in the way of her using it as collateral for loan.

No wonder, that there are far fewer women entrepreneurs than men, with such scenario to follow; India holds a long battle to balance the gender gap. Economic development of the country needs more and more women entrepreneurs on the board. Even for holistic development women will play the key role in bringing a stimulating balance.