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They say “If travelling was for free you had never see me again” and this holds true for all those travel lovers who love to explore and visit new places. Most of the times girls take a step back even after having strong desire to go & visit different places, it’s mainly because they fear travelling all alone or facing uncertainties like deciding on which exact place to go, what’s the best time to go and what’s the best travel deal available out there – in the process the enthusiasm goes for a toss and you lose the interest.
So, pack your bags and re-shuffle your travel delays because the good news is that now you have the best women-only travel clubs giving a boost to women travelers. Get to know few of them:

Women on Wanderlust (WOW)

wowIt is one of the most popular travel clubs in India, WOW started its journey in 2005 and has taken over 4000 women travelers across the world ever since. It is the perfect solution for women who want to travel, but do not like the idea of traveling all alone. WOW delivers well-planned tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with carefully selected accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and a safe travel experience.
The club also organizes activity-based getaways. In the past they’ve organized events such as trekking in the Valley of Flowers, rafting in Rishikesh and gourmet experiences in France.


Diva Odysseys

Stated in Goa, Diva Odysseys provides bespoke local experiences for women travelers from all over India. If you’re planning a luxury holiday, join this club. Each of their trips has a maximum limit of 18 participants. Excluding airfares and insurance, their tour fees includes charges for accommodation, transportation, food and sightseeing.

It will give you an exclusive & personalized experience and you will be able to seee the World from a different viewpoint in each of these bespoke holidays. For example, you can have your own personal experience of ‘Julie and Julia’, or see the ‘place where the sky is born’, or go zorbing or bungy jumping with the world’s original bungy company ‘AJ Hackett Bungy’.


Girls on the Go

girls on the go
With changing times more and more women want to break free from domestic monotony or corporate stress and explore the world around them, without necessarily being accompanied by men or having to drag along busy friends.

Whether you want to do scuba diving in Mumbai or attend the Dubai Shopping Festival, this is the club you should sign up for. Probably the most daring in their travel plans, Girls on the Go has always ensured that women get to experience some of the best destinations around the world.
In the past, this Mumbai-based travel club has offered niche trips like visits to Vietnam, Cambodia and Bhutan, and has even planned trekking trips to Everest base camp.


Women on Clouds

Women on Clouds offers various travel solutions and holiday experiences exclusively personalized for women. Their itineraries are packed with unique, extraordinary, and exciting features.

They offers theme-based tours in India and occasionally also organize foreign trips. The Delhi-based club has previously organized white water rafting expeditions in Rishikesh, apple picking in Thanedar, yoga and meditation in Gokarna, and trekking in Garhwal.


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