We all dream of doing something beyond the existing and many of us set goals to achieve in life, and some of us endeavour to accomplish those goals. But, we often question ourselves if we are on the right track, if we are really making progress or if we are just spinning the wheels in mud. And, it’s indeed a right approach to analyze our own movements for our own good. But here, the question is how to analyze it rightly. Hence, we have come up with a simple way, with five pointers, to understand it.


Go through these five things and if all of these compliment you, you are making progress towards your goals:


1. Daily taking actions towards targets

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This is actually the most basic requisite and the only way you are actually going to progress towards your goals. Only visualizing it won’t be counted. It required doing things in real.


2. Meeting right people, connecting with right resources


Making right connections and meeting the right people to cover the whole journey towards your goals is an integral part of the plan. But, you don’t require putting up much deliberate efforts for it; it actually happens if you are on the right path. Yes, you do have a role also.


3. Confronting and conquering obstacles


Challenges are part of the journey towards success. So, if you are seeing them, you are on the right track, and if you are also overcoming them, you are towards wining it. As they say, persistence pays off.


4. Constantly adjusting and modifying plan


In the journey towards goals, new subjects are unveiled and knowledge is broadened, sometimes via people and sometimes via experience. Here, to compliment your endeavour, you should be constantly improvising and modifying your plan. And, it is also part of constant analysis of your own endeavours.


5. Constantly growing furthermore excited about goals

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If you are determined to accomplish your goals, if you are on the right track, you will feel your goal walking towards you, while you run towards it, and that’s what makes you more excited. Excited for having covered the path you have so far and excited for required to cover the only rest of the path.