In the kind of world we live today, it is a basic requirement to be social and amiable not only from heart, but also in your gestures and communication. Just like technology is the backbone of the present world, networking is its blood. Both of these should be in a balanced state to complement each other. Thus, if you aspire to commence a business, take up some initiative, or even grow in the organization you are working in, you need not be an introvert. And, if you are introvert, technology and some tactics can make a way out for you. Even if you are the player from behind the scenes, still you can build networks.

Utilization of Online Space

Business Communication Duplicate model

The simplest yet most productive way of networking today is via online networking platforms, wherein you require putting comparatively lesser efforts. Besides, connecting online also builds a familiarity with the network that makes the person somewhat comfortable while meeting in real.

Sharing Accomplishments


Although, if you are introvert; perhaps, your nature won’t follow public celebration or sharing of achievements, but it is never a bad thing to learn to do. Especially, if you have already connected with the person online, following the above tactics, it won’t be much difficult. Because, when you talk about your accomplishments, not in a snobbish manner, you not only attract appreciation, but also build bonds.

Speaking Out your Vision and Ideas


We don’t mean that you burble about your hundreds of ideas flooding through your head, but it’s always an impactful factor to have an opinion to talk about or some ideas around the subject you are meeting the other person for, or about that thing which connects you two. It’s also a good idea to ask about their goals and discussing about them.

Take it Easy; Don’t Overthink


Nor before you meet, neither after it happened; do not think much about the interaction, especially not emotionally. However, if you can analyze it rationally, it would help you. But, in both the cases, if you realize about the blunders you made, do not dwell on it, but note it as learning. Instead, focus on the positive things you did and achieved.

A Long Way to Go


Once you have successfully planted the sapling, nurturing it is what most required. Even you have build a really strong network, you should also take care of it and maintain a amiable connection and solid bond that would back you even in future. Besides, it is also a good idea to share the connections with each other for the benefit of the other person.

Can’t Afford to Forget


If you aspire to build a network, you simply can’t afford to forget names, people and even about them. It is a good practice to maintain notes and collection of cards for this; a kind of non-technical database. And, what can be better than empowering the newer or even old connections with sending emails or pleasant messages about the meeting to them after the meet.