independent woman


A truly independent woman is the one who is not dependent financially and she is the one who is actually empowered. Hence, the journey towards becoming an empowered and hence, independent woman begins with becoming financially independent, and that’s the requisite of the time. It is the basic fact of life that if you are dependent on only yourself for your expenses, you are actually independent. But, it is rare to find in India, even in today’s modern time.

It’s not that difficult to become independent. It takes only five steps to move through, as mentioned below:

  1. Have your source of income; here is where it begins

income source

The first and most important thing to do is to discover or build a source of income for yourself and that can be a job, a small business, some home based work or even taking up the entrepreneur role. Based on your own lifestyle and overall responsibilities, you can find your own way.

  1. Make the money you worth; it really matters


People, and especially women are tend to take lesser packages or payments than they are worth of. There are several industry reports concluding that women take home lesser salaries than men for the same work. And it usually happens because women do not identify their real worth and settle for lesser salaries. Here, you really need to identify what you deserve and grasp it.

  1. Have a personal bank account; it identifies your individuality 


Whether out of tradition or love, it is widely seen that women carry joint accounts with their husband or family. But, actually, as far as you don’t have a personal bank account, you cannot be independent. The ownership of the money you earn should be solely yours and that ownership makes you stronger. And, believe me, with this strength you will be in more love with your family and spouse.

  1. Saving must be your habit; it’s mandate


Considering the kind of touch and uncertain life a woman lives today, it is really crucial that she has a saving habit and thus, some savings for unexpected events in life. It prepares you for unexpected happenings in life and that makes you stronger and better as a woman. Plus, it further reduces your financial dependency, making you furthermore independent.

  1. Be happy to spend, but not shower money on waste

girl shopping and carrying bags in a retail store

We all know how much you love spending money on an array of things, but you will love it, if you would spend intelligently. If you analyze your shopping practically, you will realize that a lot of things you have bought weren’t as such necessary. They are just being counted in the shopping and products you have. Then, after all, money needs to be valued, so that it can add value to your life.