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Women still lag behind and don’t get the same opportunities as men when it comes to their professional careers. It has been time and again proven that organizations with more women in leadership roles do better on a wide range of criteria like innovation, performance and profit as compared to companies with fewer women leaders. According to a comprehensive 2014 study by DDI, a US-based talent management consultancy, the companies that perform best financially have the greatest numbers of women in leadership roles.


Many studies continue to support the positive impact of having more women in authoritative positions; the reality is that women still don’t get the same opportunities as men when it comes to their careers. The need of the hour is to develop women managers and give them equal opportunities to prove their potential as leaders.


Here’s why we need more women leaders in business.

  1. Most of the females have interpersonal effectiveness and are great orator’s com. It’s the technological era and highly competitive too. This means companies will need more skilled communicators involved in all aspects of business where good, clear communication is critical to generate revenue, control expense, manage top talent and build a loyal customer base.
  2. Going global with business would require expanding business networks. Women are natural networkers.
  3. Diverse viewpoints can result in better, more creative solutions to business issues. Both women and men are needed to address business issues effectively.
  4. Keeping a talented knowledge worker will require relationship strategies. Women instinctively care about building relationships which is why they tend to gravitate toward jobs where building relationships is a major component such as Marketing or HR.
  5. Increased competition will require the resources of creative thinkers to develop new products and services that meet the needs and desires of the marketplace. The talent pool of creative leaders is doubled when more women leaders are available.
  6. Rapid change in technologies requires more flexibility. Women have extensive multi-tasking abilities as evidenced by women who manage business and families at the same time.
  7. Half of the workers available today are women. Women in leadership roles can act as mentors to develop other potential women leaders just as executive men have done for years.