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They say “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a women.” A woman with her birth is expected to multitask without complaining or keeping any wish of acknowledgment. With growing women professionals, getting that perfect work-life balance is not easy managing kids, cooking food, getting ready for office everything in one go is way tougher than it sounds.


We adore spending time and have fun with family & friends, but that is possible only when we attain that balance in our work, life, love, career and family. It is a tedious process of finding the right way to handle things simultaneously and doing them with the least amount of stress. Every woman holds her own way of balancing her life but following a few simple steps can help ease the process and lead to a better quality of life. Here are the steps:


  1. Plan work & build necessary boundaries between work and home: Plan your work in such a manner that you finish on time and once home you give all your time to family. Not only do you need to segregate work with personal life but you must keep the official stress away to ensure proper balance.


  1. Maintain an organizer and establish a routine: Just before you start your day keep aside a few minutes of your time to schedule your appointments, meetings and the most important works of the day, so that it gets easier for you to complete all your works within a limited period of time. Also, each week, create a routine for yourself, so that you can spend time regularly with your kids, husband and loved ones.


  1. Avoid last minute hassles, prepare a night before: Chalking out the next day’s task and making small arrangement the night before will help a lot in managing the work well. For working mothers, prioritizing every minute of their time in the morning is very important. So, to avoid the morning rush one can set aside clothes for the next morning, pre-pack the lunch boxes and backpacks before going to bed the night before.


  1. Know and avoid your inefficiencies: Pen down all the things you need to do and try to figure out and limit the things that make you waste your precious time during the day at work. Analyze keenly and take a call rather than stretching and thinking for long hours.


  1. Avoid indulging into not-so-necessary meetings: Whilst some meetings are necessary but some can be avoided, which is important & which is not, you must understand and take a call on attending. Try saving time by having a chat with your colleagues beforehand and finish it off within a few minutes trying to save the time.


  1. Distribute your time evenly and make your to-do-list or download a to-do App: Instead of making your to-do-list longer, estimate the amount of time you have in hand for the day and limit your schedule to tasks that can be completed in that day. This ensures that you are not over-stuffed with work and stressed at the end of the day. Keep time for proper rest and as well as eat well to stay fit and ready every day.


  1. Prioritize and take out some ‘Me-time’ for yourself: Women often tend to neglect their being in taking care of the people related to her. It’s highly important to pamper yourself timely and do things that make you happy. You must prioritize work and life but never forget to steal some ‘me time’ in between to stay in connect with yourself and enjoy life.