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At office sharp on time, may be some minutes here & there, all geared up for an energized start. Sitting on your chair, eyes glued to the screen, the first half goes boom!

Done with the break hour, back to the work station, hoping to wrap up the remaining task, but here comes those dreaded afternoons that spare no one. The eyes start drooping and as usual a ton of planned work left.

Most certainly, you’ll either try & push yourself or unwillingly/willingly take a nap or else reach for that cup of coffee.

But a simpler and more effective way to become fully energized is to combine the nap & your coffee sips. Take a coffee nap. When you take that sip of coffee & try to dive into that zone of refreshment, it remains incomplete without a catnap.

Here we haven’t coined a term but rather given you a way out. So what’s a coffee nap?

Simply, it’s when you drink a cup of coffee and then take a catnap afterwards.

How does a coffee nap work?

No rocket science simple logic, when you drink a cup of coffee, caffeine passes through your bloodstream and enters the brain. There it locks into adenosine receptors (adenosine is the neurotransmitter that makes you drowsy). When caffeine locks into these receptors, it speeds up the nerve cells and re-energizes you, making you all set for a refreshed start.

But this process takes 20 minutes to kick-start the effect. So, in the meanwhile you can easily take a nap, this will give you enough time to lock the adenosine in your brain and re-boost your energy levels.

Even studies have shown that afternoon napping can really help increase productivity. A NASA study showed that a 26-minute nap boosted performance by 34%.  Naps also help the immune system which in turn will lead to fewer sick days so greater productivity.

So, just drink your coffee and take a quick catnap for 20 minutes, the magical nap will keep you wide awake, fresh and energized to tackle the rest of the work for the day.

But we would suggest having a rest room in the company to take such naps, so that no one gets a wrong impression that you were slacking.