women community

The state of women in India is none different than an ambiguous portrait which is perceived differently by discrete visions, giving it multiple definitions and eventually, leading it to a miserable state of no identification. Women in India are respected, inspired by various social drives, but they are still molested, maltreated and abused across the country. They are educated, said to walk parallel to men, but still not accepted widely as leaders, considering the small percentage (3%) of women at senior official positions.

Above and beyond, even living in modern cities and tech empowered lifestyle, doesn’t change this scenario. For instance, even when an educated and visionary urban woman ideates something new to do, something beyond conventions, and even conventional, she lacks the support of our surrounding; she become deficient of a mentor, a coach, a trust to awaken her belief.

Here is where, Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL) comes to play a role.

A woman irrefutably carries the strength within herself to nurture the future. She is capable of doing everything she aspires for. All that needed is only to inspire her to identify her strengths, and incubate and coach her in her journey to her aspirations.