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Somewhere in the process of growing up we tend to relate maturity with logics, anything which is off beat or new to ears gets questioned on terms of logical or not? Let’s take a backflip… Oh! Are you nuts…. Doesn’t look nice…. What will people think… Why is it that everything we do must sound logical? Creativity hinders when we restrict ourselves to an outlined zone of comfort, where things must sound logical to others rather than please ourselves.

Now, let’s understand why it is important to stay connected with the ‘inner child’. Just take yourself some years back, and try remembering what it felt to be like kid? Carefree life, doing what we liked, completely unaware of pros & cons, loving without reason, expressing without thinking all this and et al.

What if I share that thinking like a kid could actually make a person successful/more successful?

Keeping that innocence alive can let us open our minds to creativity & innovation and world of endless possibilities. To have those out of the box ideas and to pursue your dreams it is important to stay closer to the inner child inside you.  As we reach adulthood we all tend to become the part of the rat race knowingly or unknowingly, keen to overtake all peers and reach the zenith, earning as many bucks.

To be successful we must realize our dreams we must skip out the expression “what if” and follow “what if it works”. Let’s face it that nothing big in the world comes without risk, everything has that slightest risk attached.

Somewhere along this path of achieving materialistic pleasures, all of us forget to laugh at small things in life, enjoy the little pleasures, as we rush from one accomplishment to another. We hardly ever laugh out loudly, thinking of how others will think of us. A child has no set boundaries to laugh; he/she can laugh hundreds of times daily without noticing or keeping a count but adults laugh with all the delicacies and manners and even notice if they laugh more than regular, strange but true! As adults we rarely laugh, laugh means strictly laugh not a smile showing the teeth. We all must be familiar to Michael Pritchard’s famous saying “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing”.

There is an old saying but a famous one that it takes many more muscles to frown and just a fewer to smile. It is a well-known fact that laughter is a huge stress buster and can even help in sharing a good rapo with strangers immediately. We need to shake ourselves, follow our heart and revive the humor in our lives by keeping the child alive in us. Enjoy small things. Laugh like a child. Look around. Get drenched in the rain, walk in the gushing rivulets that emerge everywhere, make a paper boat and let it sail down. Stop looking for logics everywhere & in everything, play with the simple puzzles commonly available with food products and rejoice every point you win. Or as in my case, wear a glowing hair band and blow soap bubbles! These small things are easily affordable or mostly free of cost but will make a huge impact in the way you look at life. So, for bigger accomplishments, start from the scratch and keep the kid alive inside.