Content: The branches of Indian Institute of Technology have been begetting a stream of entrepreneurs and that combines the talents behind well recognized Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Many of the IITs are having thriving incubation cells also for spawning such entrepreneurs. IIT Madras has even raised a fund for start-ups. And now, IITs are gearing up for teaching entrepreneurship as a part of the curriculum. 

IITs of Delhi, Kharagpur and Hyderabad will be coming up with entrepreneurship as an important part of their BTech curriculum. Plus, they will also be launching minor and elective courses around this from the next year. 

The other IITs combining Mumbai, Madras, Kanpur, Gandhinagar, Mandi and Patna are also taking small steps towards the same. 

This would inspire a culture of entrepreneurship at IITs as well as in the country, investors and entrepreneurship.

“This will be a benefit to students, who aren’t in a business family, but still aspire for their own business,” said Sasha Mirchandani, managing partner & founder, Kae Capital and founder of Mumbai Angels, which is a network of investors.

“If you’ve a faculty for teaching entrepreneurship, students will be more willing for learning about start-ups and businesses,” he added.