The changing scenario across the tech and internet industry is not only affecting the businesses across these regions, but also the educational bodies preparing fresh minds for them.

According to recent reports, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is at present witnessing an eCommerce sweep on the campus. The majority of the students, who have opted out of the placements, are actually planning to begin their ventures in the internet and technology space, barring some students, who are aiming to join politics or become an author. 

There are twelve students who have opted out of the placements this year. And, their plans are like those mentioned below:

  • Online Classes for Rural India: Muthu Raman T feels that there’s a huge difference in between the quality of teaching in tier I and tire II cities. He has decided to connect students from remote areas to quality faculty of the country.
  • Virtual Store for Fashion Jewellery: Arthi R aims to provide a good collection of affordable, fashion, and modern Jewellery to the youth of the world, with the launch of an online store and mobile app.
  • Cyber Marketplace for Artists: It is possible to create product of art? This only fundamental question gave an idea to Welkin Canvas to open an eRetail marketplace to link portrait artists with customers.
  • App to Find Sports Facilities: Ujwal Sutaria was an avid Sportman. Sutaria has build Athletho, a venture for promoting sports via an application that will help people find the nearest sports facility and also allow them to book in advance.
  • Management and Social Change: G Ramachandran was 18 when he decided between entrepreneurship and Politics. He plans to follow his role model, his father and AIADMK ex member, Singai Govindarasu, for bringing more accountability.