Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL) is a non-profit organization that aims to stimulate and encourage women entrepreneurship, with the strength of Indian Women Entrepreneurs League (IWEL), to foster impregnable woman leaders and embolden the women-led business ecosystem to frame a future of socially and economically independent women.

IWIL endeavours to congregate all the budding and aspiring women entrepreneurs having innovative ideas from across the urban and rural regions of the country on a common platform to empower their ideas and vision and hence, upraise them with the help of established women entrepreneurs. We look for out-standing visions and opinions that can transform the future and compliment the next-gen business standards, to subsidise and polish them into profit generating models.

IWIL moulds next-gen ideas into future identities.

We proffer a platform to mutually exchange ideas and get enriched with business education, which is basically a thinking and learning ground for women who aspire lead the path. It will also mentor, coach and incubate aspiring entrepreneurs. Altogether, IWIL aims to carry forward women-driven entrepreneurship and help women tab the opportunities for innovative methods of economical and social empowerment.