Benefits to Young Aspirants

1. Post Resume (free)

2. IWIL can help them get hired (Consultancy’s role)

3. Fund raising

4. A platform to begin: They can share their ideas and promote them at IWIL website as well as events for free. (Especially for artists/ creative professionals)

5. Knowledge Center: Market research & analysis

6. Strategy Planning for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs

7. Learning business planning and management

8. Motivation for actualization of ideas

9. Counselling and Consultation

10. Personality development and Coaching

11. Opportunities for networking

Benefits to Entrepreneurs

a. Post and Promote Jobs

b. Staffing Help

c. Networking opportunity

d. Promoting themselves and their company at IWIL website as well as events.

e. Promoting products & services

f. Fund raising

g. Recognition/ Awards

h. Opportunity to build partnerships

i. Companies/people can get tax rebate by donating

j. Public Limited and MNC companies need to donate minimum of 2% annually. Here, we can pitch them to donate, while finding potential start-ups and ideas to expand.

k. Offers SMBs a platform to speak about themselves via interchange of ideas.

l. IWIL offers business consultation, answering queries, giving guidance, even online.

m. It’s a start-up ideas finding platform.

n. Forum: A topic of discussion every day.

o. IWIL can also be a Business News Portal.

p. Online Library of Business and related aspects.

q. IWIL Awards & Recognition.

r. IWIL facilitates an online directory/ yellow pages of potential start-ups.

s. IWIL organizes networking events and fairs.

t. IWIL offers multiple networking opportunities.

u. It also offers opportunities to build partnership and work together.