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Seven suggestions for Women entrepreneurs planning start-ups

Exploring new horizons of success & unleashing new avenues, a plethora of women entrepreneurs have unraveled different paths with explicit ideas. They are grabbing the reins and starting their start-ups. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing approximately twice as quickly as the national average for all start-ups.   Restricting the women’s caliber to cooking, beauty specialization, interior designing etc. the attained success of women entrepreneurs in almost every... Read more →


Superwomen by Prachi Garg; A compendium covering 20 exceptional young women entrepreneurs

Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, motivating innovators to take the plunge, and inspiring women to break their shells – Prachi Garg, serial entrepreneur & Founder Ghoomphiro, puts together life-stories of 20 superwomen in her maiden book. Putting together stories of twenty women entrepreneurs in their twenties who have carved a niche for themselves and their passion, Superwomen by Prachi Garg is a recent release by Srishti Publishers. It was unveiled on the occasion... Read more →


Identify the Best Career for You in Just Five Steps

  Beginning a career, endeavouring hard and confronting obstacles are few crucial aspects of a professional life. But, above all, the most important aspect is the selection of the right career, as whatever hard work you put in, you won’t get the justified results in a wrong career. While if the same endeavour and energy is put into the right place, the results would be a lot more sweetened and... Read more →


Tik Tok tricks to meet those overriding deadlines

Change your perception about time. Deadlines are a harsh reality of professional life. We all have them and whether we like it or not, they are not going anywhere unless we meet them on time. Many of us are prompt in marking a deadline on our calendar. But, marking a deadline won’t suffice, the problem lies in our prospective, the way we view how much time we have to meet... Read more →

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7 Safest Destinations in India for Solo Women Travellers

  Travelling is something almost we all love, crave for and wish about. But, there is one other thing that comes along with this love and that is the safety concern being a woman. Especially considering the kind of unsafe environment we have for women in India, we need to plan our travel based on all the related factors. Hence, we have come up with something to help you. Here... Read more →