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Seven suggestions for Women entrepreneurs planning start-ups

Exploring new horizons of success & unleashing new avenues, a plethora of women entrepreneurs have unraveled different paths with explicit ideas. They are grabbing the reins and starting their start-ups. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing approximately twice as quickly as the national average for all start-ups.   Restricting the women’s caliber to cooking, beauty specialization, interior designing etc. the attained success of women entrepreneurs in almost every... Read more →

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7 Non Business Tricks to be a Successful Business Woman

  Definitely, it is really crucial to have a vision to commence a business and the business management skills to nurture it. But, there are a lot many other things, beyond the business itself that you require to lead a really fruitful path of entrepreneurship, or for becoming an empowered professional woman. You would have heard and read about numerous technical business related factors in this case till now, but... Read more →

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Degrees don’t decide your caliber, it’s ‘you’ who makes the difference

I am sure success for many of us means getting through a good college and then studying hard to score best, just to fetch a good lucrative job later. But does making it big, genuinely asks for big degrees and great education?? Not really!!   Spent your teenage worrying about cracking the top-notch college, well time to take a turn, get acquainted to your ‘inner-self’ and know what it wants... Read more →

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Five Steps to Check If You are Focusing on the Right Thing

  Whatever we choose to do in our life, it should receive our complete focus. Only by focusing, we can set the things right, on the right track, in the right direction, and in the right form. Hence, it is important to focus, but it is more important to know if the thing we are focusing upon is right. It is indeed the key to success, as the results will... Read more →

Falling into a mud puddle

Don’t succumb to failures; not barriers instead stepping stones

Heard them say ‘Failure is the first key to success’, let’s analyze why! Ever wondered, why you face repeated failures even after strategizing and putting in a lot of toil?? Each of your small or big failure has something instored for you, a lesson or learning, something that life wants to teach you! If you allow your failures to pull you down you will block all your ways to success.... Read more →