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A sincere initiative to cheer up many less privileged lives…

IWIL or Indian Women Institutional League held a training and mentoring session- Prerna for less privileged girls on 7th Jan’16, Thursday, Charmwood, Faridabad. The IWIL Initiative Prerna was held to empower these young girls by mentoring them and educating them about the importance of education.



IWIL visited the slums in Charmwood Village, Faridabad and shortlisted some girls who wanted to study but unfortunately couldn’t due to financial circumstances. Husna and Kamar Jahan sisters 16 and 17 years of age consecutively, wanted to study but couldn’t due to their family’s poor financial condition. Seema, eldest kid in the family 15 years of age studied till 5th, wanted to continue after a gap but was denied admission as she had crossed the maximum age of starting again from 6th standard. Laxmi studying in 12th standard, from an open school, Rani and Hasan Jahan mothers of these kids had an equal zeal to see their girls educated but unfortunately their circumstances didn’t allow them to provide their kids with requisite education.


IWIL conducted the training session with these girls to motivate them and inspire them to continue their education. IWIL team mentored each of the girls on different topics like benefits of getting educated, importance of skill-development, mentored them to develop some important skills like speaking English, operating computers, learning basic calculations et al. Some simple games were played in the session to encourage learning like who writes their name first, simple mathematical questions to help them ease their routine tasks. IWIL aims to empower these young budding talented girls with right mentoring, coaching and training.




The session ended with little gags and laughs along with some refreshments and a promise that this is just a stepping stone in bringing a major change, in many such lives.