Recognition is not just a denouement of the endeavours, but a step towards further achievements that infuses in a person abundance of positive energy and invincible zeal to embark on the road of his dreams.

IWIL stays a step ahead in appreciating and rewarding the founders of innovative ideas and creators of tomorrow.

IWIL identifies the leaders of tomorrow.

IWIL awards aims at showcasing the potential of women entrepreneurs on a worldwide platform, because women not only does wonders at home and nurtures our society, but they have also been doing miracles in various sectors of the world and are independent warriors of life. These are those women who have not only brought smile and warmth to people, but have also empowered their home and society.

IWIL accolades such women of our society for their endeavours by below mentioned awards:
1. Leaders of Tomorrow Award

2. Lifetime Achievement Award

3. Leaders of Innovation Award

4. Nurturer of Society Award