Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL) envisions reaching out ingenious and inventing women entrepreneurs and aspirants, having an appetite for a better future and zest for re-modelling the next-gen products.

IWIL aims to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Above all, IWIL aims to create public awareness about the profound contribution of women to the country’s economy, advocate the women entrepreneurship and empowerment, and back their missions. And, it intends to build awareness on industry insights and factoids amongst aspiring and budding entrepreneurs, while facilitating networking with industry mentors.

· To provide a world-wide networking platform to existing, aspiring and budding entrepreneurs.

· To orchestrate ideas, innovations and exchange programs.

· Motivating entrepreneurship among women and upraise them to contribute to the economic mainstream.

· Heightening the social status of women, by creating and accelerating an ecosystem of women entrepreneurship.

· Development of successful entrepreneurship model for women.

· Providing training, mentoring and counselling facilities to budding entrepreneurs.

· Facilitating networking, promoting and partnership building.

· To provide/assist in fund raising.

· Recognizing outstanding and inspiring women entrepreneurs.

· Providing access to the information about industry trends, tools, developments, opportunities and requirements.

· Facilitating strategy making and research & analysis.

· Providing a fertile platform to begin.

· Facilitating established enterprises identify the potential start-ups and ideas to expand in association.

· Motivate and facilitate institutions required for establishing and maintain market-oriented democracies.

· Catalyzing the participation of private sector in the social heightening of women.

· Promoting and Motivating the women entrepreneurship culture and understanding of the markets.

· Promoting employment for women and make it easily available to them.