Certainty, before you actually join the IWIL initiative, you should know its roots, the reason to be part of it and a logical understanding of what all it proffers you. In a way, these are the benefits you get by becoming a part of IWIL.

IWIL is an open space for aspiring and budding women entrepreneurs to re-define their identities in a way they dream and ideate future innovations to together create a larger than life ecosystem of women visionaries.

It proffers you numerous benefits as rationalized here:
1. IWIL is a platform to share inspiring instances and stories.

2. It gives recognition to budding women entrepreneurs and consultation to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

3. IWIL is the fastest growing network of businesses and enterprises of the country.

4. It offers you a platform to post article or editorial around your endeavours and ideas.

5. Offers businesses of all sizes a platform to speak about themselves via interchange of ideas, incubating and mentoring.

6. Offers a platform to artists and creative professionals for presenting and exploring their work to the world.

7. Learning about the latest changes, requirements, transformations, and together moving towards better opportunities.

8. On IWIL, you will find regularly updated only motivating and positive content.

9. IWIL offers business consultation, answering queries, giving guidance, even online.

10. Enterprises need to donate minimum of 2% annually. They can donate here, wherein they can also get to broaden their business.

11. We facilitate strategy planning together.

12. IWIL also serves as a platform for promoting jobs and finding them.

13. IWIL provides continuously updated market research and analysis

14. It also serves as a jobs posting and finding platform.

15. It’s a start-up ideas finding platform.

16. Forum: A topic of discussion every day.

17. IWIL is also a Business News Portal.

18. Online Library of Business and related aspects.

19. IWIL Awards & Recognition.

20. IWIL facilitates an online directory/ yellow pages of potential start-ups.

21. IWIL organizes networking events and fairs.

22. IWIL offers multiple networking opportunities.

23. It also offers opportunities to build partnership and work together.