Benefits to Members

There are plethora of benefits
for our IWIL Members:

    • Strategic Planning for entrepreneurs
    • Learn business planning and management
    • Motivation for actualization of ideas
    • Personality development and Coaching
    • Opportunities for networking at events and exhibitions
    • Start-ups’ Incubation & Acceleration Programs
    • Job Opportunities
    • Fundraising Techniques
    • Ideas and Innovations at brainstorming sessions.
    • Promoting products and services
    • Get tax rebate on donations
    • SMBs get a platform to speak about themselves.
    • Business consultation through our online portals.
    • Forum: A topic of discussion every day.
    • IWIL can also be a Business News Portal.
    • Online Library of Business and related aspects.
    • Online directory/ yellow pages of potential start-ups.
    • Opportunities to build partnerships and work together.
    • Promote themselves and their business at IWIL website as well as events.
    • Recognition/ Awards