Why Join IWIL India?

IWIL is an open space for aspiring and budding women entrepreneurs to re-define their identities in a way they dream and ideate future innovations to create a larger than life ecosystem of women visionaries.

Certainty, before you actually join the IWIL initiative, you should know its roots, the reason to be part of it and a logical understanding of what all it proffers you.

These are the benefits you get by becoming a part of IWIL:

  • Exclusive invite to our premier webinars, programs, and events.
  • Share stories, articles or editorial about your endeavours and ideas.
  • Recognition to budding women entrepreneurs and consultation to aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  • Offer businesses of all sizes a platform to speak about themselves via interchange of ideas, incubating and mentoring.
  • Proffer a platform for artists and creative professionals to public their work.
  • Learn about business updates, requirements, transformations, and opportunities.
  • Facilitate strategy planning, business consultation, answering queries, and online mentoring.
  • Facilitate a platform for posting and finding jobs.
  • Provide continuously updated market research and analysis.
  • Facilitate an online directory/ yellow pages of potential start-ups and Business News Portal.
  • Offer multiple networking and partnership opportunities at programs and events.