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Connect with established women entrepreneurs, discover your peer groups, and share your stories/ideas on a world-class platform!

Women Empowerment

IWIL aims to nurture and thrive  the women business leaders of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurship Programs

IWIL aims to make headway for women-driven entrepreneurship and help women tap the opportunities for innovative methods of economic and social empowerment.

Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL) is a non-profit organisation and nationwide brand empowering women entrepreneurs across 25 cities and has already worked with 20,000 plus women and MSME partners. We provide a world-class platform that incubates and accelerates women entrepreneurship.

WIL guides women entrepreneurs through our premier programs and events that include Entrepreneurial and Incubation Workshops, Awareness Programs, Fundraising, Exhibitions and Roadshows, Business Coaching, Connect Academy, and Technology Development Programs.

Key Stats about Women Entrepreneurs in India

8.19 million

women are self-employed in the country

13.45 million

people get employment due to Indian women- owned businesses

Only 2% of start-up funding

went to a woman founder in 2017

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Success Stories

Her story her way

Santosh Kumari

Independent women

 A Story of Aspiring Women with Undaunting Spirit of Motivation Living the live example of "Where there is a will, there is always a way"

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Founder Galvanise PR

Be an Entrepreneur with an Aim to Build/ Create Something. - Shalini Singh A regular person surrounded by amazing people. I am someone who deciphers ...

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Founder Wrappd

"What you do, do it wholeheartedly-Deepika Singh Director Communications . - Purvi Tanita" . I am Purvi Tantia, co-founder of Wrapp’d – India’s foremost online...

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Managing Director of Hang Out

Your actions should speak louder than your words. – Shalini Vij .I have 13 years of experience in the Retail and Entertainment Industry from the US , with companies like ...

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Founder of Nurture Health Solutions

When you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities. - Sheryl Salis .I am a nutritionist by profession with a work experience of more than 16 years working...

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Pushpinder Sodhi

Founder of The Velvet Box

Family and friends advised me not to work, but my passion and aspirations were much bigger than what was expected of me.– Pushpinder Sodhi

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Founder SepKraft Dance Company

What you do, do it wholeheartedly. - Deepika Singh .I would like to start with my Education ,I have completed by Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, English and History ...

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Shaifali Agarwal

Co-Founder of EASYFix

EASYFix as a concept was born in March 2011, but it started its operations in July 2011. Our model has evolved beautifully like a fine whiskey over last these years...

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Shalini Pandey

Director Sales - Monitor Business

 Founded in 1934, AOC is the international brand of TPV Technology Limited, a US $ 12.2 billion Business Conglomerate that was formed in USA ...

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Thinlas Chorol

Founder of Ladakhi Women’s Travel

“Go after what you want in life. There are always obstacles in the world, but being a woman should not be one,” says Thinlas Chorol, the Founder of Ladakhi ...

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Tejashree Joshi

Founder & CEO, Sangopan

Tejashree Joshi, the founder CEO terms it as a fortuitous combination of serendipity, passion for healthcare, and her commitment to maternal health...

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Sneh Sharma

Founder & CEO, Ittisa

Women face so many challenges at the workplace. Sexism and inequality are one of the primary reasons many women decide to branch out on their own .And there are so ...

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Mansi Gupta

Founder of Tjori

Women-career-life: This is a very subjective question. I personally get driven by career and achievements and what you will be remembered for is the work...

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Tavleen Mehendiratta

founder, Smart City Labs

i want to build a community of students and entrepreneurs alike that are leveraging the power of internet of things to make our cities smarter...

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Pavana Jain

FounCEO & Co-Founder, SHIFTMobilityder

Don't  be fearful of anything. Just be yourself," says Pavan Jain, Women have to believe in themselves. they must have a voice...

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Tina Garg

Founder & CEO, Pink Lemonade and Team

I’d like to see more women push themselves and ask for opportunities, because we are certainly no less talented than men! So why ...

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Sandhya Parthasarathy

Owner & Baking Artist, Cake My Heart

No dream is big or small; the way you look at it determines everything. ”   Sandhya Parasarthy, a qualified software engineer who left a high paying IT...

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Pooja Rao

Owner Transform Pilates

Competence and learning: Be the best at what you are going to do, mediocrity is not going to take you very far...

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Vinnie Kapoor

Founder and Director of GILD

Vinnie Kapoor, Founder and Director of GILD, from the time she was young she was fond of styling things around her; whether it were  ...

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Vinita Kanotra

Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri Training

I am Vinita Kanotra  Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Institute, Certified Trainer& Image Consultant  I believe learning never stops and no age should be a barrier...

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Babita Jaishankar

Owner & Founder, WSol Fashion ...

Babita Jaishankar   Owner & Founder, WSol Fashion & Image makeovers Pvt Ltd and BAJA – retail store  My father had a job that required him to move around a lot. I ...

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Sonal Kapoor

Founder and Executive Director, Protsahan

Mother Teresa” of the 21st century, that’s what, seems apt for this young lass Sonal, who beholds

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Dinisha Shah

Founder & Owner “Oomph The Store

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams! I firmly believe that you should never let go them. The only thing stopping a dream to become a

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Anagha Kalekar

Photographer and Founder “Third Eye”

Anyone with a creative thinking and determination can take photography as a weapon to change the world..

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Saher Motiwala

Co-Founder “The Health Box"

We want to change the perception that eating healthy is a “niche”. IT IS FOR ALL.”  

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Cheelu Chandran

Founder of DeBox

Women of substance” who triumphed all those impossibilities, that came in her way of making a mark! Cheelu is a...

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Sunita Sehdev

Owner, Cold Porcelain Flowers

Never jump into a new business without planning. Learn from your mistakes. Every business requires time and effort to get going...

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Swati J

Founder & Editor, Women Planet

I can proudly say that WE ARE WOMEN PLANET and we have shaped it together  can proudly say that WE ARE WOMEN PLANET and we have ...

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Asha Khatau

The Gourmet Queen & Founder, Epicure

Renowned as the “The Gourmet Queen” Asha Khatau is a prominent figure in the culinary world...

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Kanika Tekriwal

CEO, JetSetGo Aviation Services Pvt

Any business – be it JetSetGo or any other, doesn’t really require investment to start Any business – be it JetSetGo or any other, doesn’t really require investment to ...

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Savina Sharan

Owner Art Papyrus, Proprietor, Ozone

Savina Sharan  Owner Art Papyrus, Proprietor, Ozone International & Creative Head, Artifacts India Having handled various exhibitions all over the world ...

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Manissha Dutta Chohan

Founder & Owner, Cape of Good Soap

I think women are already empowered in many ways. Their way to analyze & multitask is far superior to men...

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Vertika Pant

Founder & CEO, Pikaboo

Vertika Pant, a qualified engineer who worked in IT for 5 years before taking the plunge into her first ...

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Anupama Shetty

Director and Partner, iCreation & Partner

It is not enough to be a hardworker; so are the Donkey’s. The question is: What are we working hard on ?" –Anupama Shetty   Brief introduction about yourself and...

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Lakshna Chadha Jha

Founder and CEO @ sRide

If you believe in the idea go for it. It does not matter if you succeed or fail, you will be much better person from the experience...

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Sindhu Ravishankar

Founder “The Cake Studio, Bengaluru”

Every journey has its share of ups and downs. The key is not to give up...

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Khyati Rupani

Founder and Owner Balance Nutrition

Do not under estimate yourself and don’t let your domestic or any other duties be an excuse for not being an entrepreneur. 

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Kiran Rao Medhora

Founder of Stylist & Owner Katri

I have hair and makeup studio in Bangalore. It's called 'Katri'(which means scissor in most South Indian languages...

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Kavita Suri

Founder & Owner, Chicapica

The broad brush strokes of starting a business involve everything from setting up the legal framework...

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Nirjarra C Dosshi

Founder and Owner, Aura Concepts

 I am Nirjarra C Dosshi, Founder of a holistic company Aura Concepts. Being a Spiritual Scientist ...

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Arati Mirji

Founder, Sweet Symphony

  I come from a family of artists; both my mother and father, who practiced art for many years, provided me all the...

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Suman Sahgal

Founder & Partner at Winkisan & Wisa

There are no shortcuts to achieve your dreams go after them with a vengeance and don’t stop till you achieve what you really want.”   Brief introduction about..

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Founder and Owner, Fabulously Desi

My company “ Fabulously Desi by Richa.S “ was established in August, 2013. We provide authentic hand embroidered clutches ...

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Sahyujyah Shrinivas

Founder & CEO, LibeRent

I think all of us realize that now, and the world is moving towards pay per use model and sharing economy...

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Kanika Jain

Founder & Owner, Kanelle

I dream for Kanelle to reach a place where I can employ more and more artisans...

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Priya Naik

Founder & CEO, Samhita Social Ventures Pvt

Any single social issue that you try to address has multiple facets and we believe that you need  to work on creating collaborative platforms and leverage a diverse ...

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Sweta Sutariya

Founder & Owner, Ethnic Prêt Line

There are times when it’s very easy to quit, but an entrepreneur needs a lot of dedication and consistency to stick to the path...

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Sujitha Vishwanathan

Founder and Owner, Madras Mehndi Studio

Mehndi designing was starting to get kind of demanding and trending during my search for a suitable creative profession...

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Devika Srimal

Founder& CEO, Kanabis

Women have copious amount of skill and potential to be great entrepreneurs and leaders in any field...

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Rashmi Nath Sinha

Founder of Owner, Magic Bites

Making a mark as a woman entrepreneur was difficult. But not today! There is so much happening in India and online...

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Ms. Kalyani Khona

Founder, Wanted Umbrella & Consultant

Ms. Kalyani Khona says the vision of redefining the lives of people with disability by building an all inclusive society through our diversified services & projects...

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Victoria Vijayakumar

Founder and Program Coordinator

Started with 3 challenged youngsters, it is now proud to provide livelihood to 35 young disabled youngsters and their families . Starting with just 3 trainees...

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Sunila Gupta

Co-Founder and Director, Cynergy

CSR is a very important aspect of business. It is karma, we have to give back to society and the less fortunate and also build our world. While all of us do our bit i...

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Shipra Jain

Owner and Partner, Aspire Overseas

Dare to live your dream. Listen to your heart. Be brave.” Please tell us something about Aspire Big. Aspire is a boutique consultancy firm that focuses on...

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Geetanjali Khanna

Co-Founder and Owner, Fastudent

The fact that only 26% of Indian women hold bank accounts , shows we have a lot to catch up ...

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Monalisa Deb

Founder and Owner, Monapparel

I am Monalisa Deb, originally from Kolkata, living in Bangalore last 15 years. Married, having 16 year ...

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Anuradha Singh

Founder & CEO, Samprada

India can aim to be recognized as a developed nation only when women in India get equal opportunities...

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Sharmistha Pal

Founder and Owner, The Little Devil’s Cake

Hello readers...I am the owner, receptionist, Baker, sourcer, designer and delivery person of The Little Devil's Cake Shop!! Yea, in other words,one man...oops.

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Shruti Agarwal

Founder and Owner, Baking Pleasures

Young lass who started baking at 16 and founded Baking Pleasures...

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Shefali Walia

Founder & CEO, Wetravelsolo

Brief introduction about yourself and tell us something about We travel solo? I am born and bought up in Ambala. I moved to Delhi in 2008 after joining...

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Puja Guliani

Co-Founder and Director, Horizon

Brief introduction about yourself and tell us something about your startup? I’m 41 years old, married and have a 16 year old son. I’ve been ...

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Roshni Baronia

Founder and Proprietor, Little Charms

An unconventional Mompreneur whose creativity and ingenuity led to the creation of a unique kid’s platform...

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Ritika Sethi Nangia,

Founder and CEO, FunCart

Fun-loving entrepreneur engaged in giving everyone a delightful party experience...

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Prachi Garg

Founder and CEO, Ghoomophiro

An avid traveller, whose passion for travelling gave way to creation of a unique platform for working professionals to take a much-needed break...

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Bhavana Motwani,

Founder & Owner, Stitch My Fit

An avant-garde entrepreneur redefining uniqueness for women and following the mantra of personalized approach...

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Chhavi Maheshwari,

Co-Founder & Owner, Jaipur Fabric

“It is very important to promote Woman entrepreneurial skills in India as we still need to evolve out completely from being a male dominant society.” -

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Meenakshi Gupta Jain,

Founder and CEO, Helper4u.in

Rising as a ray of hope for the least appreciated, Helper4u is all there to create a job space for semi-skilled, unskilled job seekers...

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Hardika Shah,

Founder & CEO, Kinara Capital

Committed to bridge the capital gap, Kinara Capital is all set to provide collateral free financial access for micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs)...

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Sukhmani Singh

Co-Founder & Co-Owner, SeekSherpa

Experience the city like a local with SeekSherpa, started by a multifaceted young lass ...

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Prachi Garg

Co-Founder and Head, No Strings Attached

A creative entrepreneur whose passion for hand-made fashion jewellery, provides an eclectic mix of elegant and alluring accessories..

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Pallavi Singh

Founder & CEO, HLF Hindi Lessons...

Acquainting expats with our charismatic National language !!! I am Pallavi Singh, a Hindi Enabler and Cultural educator. I have been teaching people from all across...

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Nishita Mantry

Founder & CEO, My Life Transcript

I want every woman to aspire to grow in life and be financially independent...

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Kanika Kohli

Co-Founder & Director, VegaLyfe.com

Connect with the Woman in You” as a rather more important subject to focus on than anything...

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Arti Gaur

Founder & Owner, Quinta Essentia Organic

Women are the backbone of any nation and whether it is a rural canvas or a technical arena or a seat of power - politics, her presence and participation is inevitable..

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Jiya Chhonker

Founder & Managing Director, Eminent...

Creating an undaunted space in the real estate industry meet Thanks IWIL for making a wonderful platform for Indian women entrepreneurs. Hi. I’m Jiya Chhonker,...

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Shilpi Yadav

Founder & Director, Kharakapas

Let your passion be your guide. If you have the urge to do something, then don’t wait..

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Vineelavasan G

Founder & CEO, The Tech Scribes

Shaping many lives by constructing their career castles meet...

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Arouba Pathan

Founder & Owner, Enso Wellness

Don't be afraid of failures - get up, learn quickly and fight back..

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Anjali Rajgopal

Founder & CEO, Touché PR

I’m not saying starting one’s own enterprise is easy, but women need to stop double-guessing themselves . I come from a first generation business family... 

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Snigdha Manchanda

Founder of Tea Trunk and Tea Sommelier

Revolutionizing the tea industry and creating a unique space for chai lovers meet. Snigdha is a trained Tea Taster who specialises in creating unique hand-blended teas...

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Ananya Jain

Founder & CEO, Youth Youniverse

Don’t stop because someone told you that ‘you cannot do it...

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Smita Dinesh

Founder & Managing Director, Able..

Don’t wait for the right idea to come along, start with the right intent, eventually one of your business ideas will click. Having led large teams across multiple locations,..

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Richa Singh

Co-Founder and CEO, Yourdost

Breaking the age-old stigma attached to mental illness. Richa comes from an interaction design background with specialization in User Experience Design..

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Rukmini Iyer

Founder & Director , Exult! Solutions

Women don’t need to be granted empowerment by anyone...

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Swapnil Pathak

Founder & CEO, Aromazeia

Come out of your comfort zone. Take risk After my schooling from Almora (Uttarakhand), I graduated with BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune...

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Surabhi Verma

Founder & Director, Sparsh for Children

No end to learning in life - an organisation that provides complete care facilities for children with special needs. Here is her story...

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Shivangi Anand

director and photographer at Jashn-e-...

When you do good work, that contentment feeling cannot be compared. Hola! Shivangi Anand this side, director and photographer at Jashn-e-Bahara Weddings...

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Dimple Mirchandani

Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser

There is nothing a woman can’t do I have always given my full to anything that I have done in my life...

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Divya Bakshi


the challenges of making a dream come true he most prominent names in the Immigration profession in the South Asian community...

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Disha Gupta Sangal

Founder - Our little Studio

Close your ears and follow your heart is a sweet toothed bollywood movie lover who loves typography..

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Shubhangi Gupta

Co-Founder of my Craft Stages

If you are ambitious, you will feel alone. Accept that I’m a realist and at most times optimist, a procrastinator with an obsession for trying new things...

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Trina Acharyya

Kalpataru Image Consulting

Decide where your heart is and then invest your time  I am a Certified Image Consultant and prior to that a hotel management graduate...

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Gurleen Kaur

CEO of Hareepatti

 I am a graduate in Finance from Sukhdev College of Business Studies. I started HareePatti with aim to save Investors from the mis-selling that happens in ...

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Sneha Das

COO of an all-girls digital media agency

Girls rock ! They take total responsibility of their tasks. I never have to micromanage them. It gives me so much time to build the business ...

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Sheetal Gupta


Sheetal carried a dream with her for many years to be a part of her and make a difference there. She has achieved this through her passion for business…

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Deepti Kshirsagar

Founder, WOW Design

WOW Design is a brand consulting and design firm located in Mumbai, specializing in product branding.

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Nidhi Banthia Mehta

Founder, Bollybeatz

Nidhi B. Mehta, a entrepreneur, Bollywood & Zumba dance instructor, founder & blogger of Supermompreneurs. Nidhi’s background includes.

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Shikha Sinha

Founder of Fabstitch.in

When Shikha Sinha moved from Delhi to Bengaluru after her wedding in January 2014, she struggled for a year to find Fail, Fail & Fail, because success will come after...

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Dipika Trehan

Founder H.O.W.

Dipika Trehan did her Bachelor of Science Home Economics from Lady Irwin College and later went on to pursue Masters in Business Administration in Human Resource...

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Kanchi Goyal

Founder of MK Writes

There is no shortcut to success   I am really fortunate to belong to a family both on maternal and in-laws side who has always helped and supported me, my dreams    ...

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Mansi Khambata

Founder of Just Deliveries

I am an Engineer from UDCT Matunga Mumbai and MBA from FMS Delhi. I have worked with Firms, like IDFC Private  Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone deter you ...

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Pravi Shrivastava

Founder, Women Empowerment Initiative

It’s an initiative to help aspiring women with various opportunities to make them self-reliant . Be mentally tough and physically rough It’s an initiative to ...

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Shruti Raj

Makeup Artist

Meet Delhi based freelance makeup artist Shruti Raj,who is also known as a creative girl saysTrust your instinct, your instinct will show you the right direction ...

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Shikha Jain

Founder, MoShiks

Shikha is a passionate baker. She originally hails from Kanwan, a small town located in Madhya Pradesh .Have a goal, move towards it and aim to achieve it ...

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Moksha Srivastava

Co-founder & CMO, Wheelstreet

I am Moksha Srivastava, co-founder and CMO of Wheelstreet. I am from Jhansi and I’m a graduate of IIMC, Delhi. If you have it within you, Don't give up...

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Vasundhara Sharma

Founder of Brandonama

Vasundhara Sharma has over 5 years of experience in the design space. Nothing hurts your haters like you not giving a damn and going on to succeed...

Read More

Rupal Tyagi

Founder of Wikka

Rupal Tyagi Says If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the fun. Sensing the need for products that are not chemically altered armful additives, we have crafted...

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Kanika Subbiah

Founder of Wedding Wishlist

Kanika Subbiah says that One should dream big, and persevere towards achieving the dream . Wedding Wishlist is a pioneering concept of a wedding...

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Shruthi Reddy

Founder of Anthyesti

Shruthi Reddy says I never dreamed about success. I worked for it .I worked as a software engineer for 9 years before inflowing into entrepreneurship...

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Yogita Muttha

Founder of The Violet.in

Yogita Muttha says Don’t wait for the right idea to come along, start with the right intent  TheViolet.in is the hottest e-commerce subscription start-up that pampers...

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Ruchi Mehta

Founder of The Paint Social

Ruchi Mehta is an enterprising person. She has a BSc in Biosciences from University of Auckland NZ and says You have to have confidence in your ability... 

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Rashi Menda

Founder of Zapyle

I’m Rashi Menda, Founder and CEO of Zapyle and she says Be temperate in everything, avoid extremes in life  Zapyle is a one stop destination for everything...

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Neha Gupta

Founder of Women Relaxology

Neha Gupta says Success has not shortcuts you have to earn it Being a marketer, Neha travelled the country and have worked with all different kinds of women...

Read More

Devika Das's


I am a professional content writer in an IT company at Gurgaon. A part-time author  theatre artist, and solo traveler. I hail from a defence background and traveled...

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Bistriti Poddar

Founder of Paperless Postcards

The real empowerment for any woman is having unshakeable self-belief An ambitious, hardworking, and task-driven individual who is self-motivated  ...

Read More

Saloni Chandalia

Co-Founder - WOL 3D

Saloni Chandalia Believe in what you do and do what you believe in . she started out as a company making personalized 3D figurines and frames. We viewed our...

Read More

Gurleen Khaira

Founder of khaira Education

Gurleen Khaira says I like criticism. It makes me strong I completed Bachelor of Technology in Food Science and Technology from GNDU, Amritsar I completed  ...

Read More

Kinnari L. Gada

Founder of CODWHEO

The best protection any woman can have is courage . I have completed my graduations in Chemistry and am pursuing my masters right now. My academics ...

Read More

Sheetal Batra

Ace Designer & Designer Studio

Power’s not given to you. You have to take it  A very warm hello to all !!! I'm SheetalBatra and I design exquisite Indian Ethnic wear. My studio is in GK3, New Delhi. ...

Read More

Esha Majumder

CEO & Founder, Fellow Follow

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle . Jump into the ocean and you will automatically learn to swim. Till the time you don’t take risk in ...

Read More

Amishi Shah

The Upcycle Project

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day 

Read More

Aditi Bajpai

Co-Founder, Almirah

There is nothing more fulfilling than following your dream. She pursued a Bachelor's and a Masters Program in Political Science from Delhi University and in 2014 pursued a..

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Deepti Arora

CEO & Founder, Healclinic

woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform . Deepti Arora, CEO & Founder bring more than 15 years of hard core operations,..

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