What Is The Real Cost Of Social Media ?

Social media has emerged as an inimitable medium of communication that not only allows you connect with people worldwide, but also accelerate your public message. It has become a complete world in itself, where in a way people meet, multiply and spread the ‘word’ together. It’s a free space for everyone to fit-in and accept the trends of his kind to participate. The adoption of web started in early 2000s, while the actual commencement of social media happened around 2003 – 04. It includes some of the renowned social media brands like MySpace and LinkedIn in 2003, Facebook and Flicker in 2004, YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006. Since then, these have been burgeoning continuously and expanding every day. Up-surging Social Media Over the years, the continuously aggrandizing social media have begotten a plethora of opportunities for marketers and promoters. These are indeed more result-oriented opportunities for marketers and promoters, because on social media they can spread a word with just a single activity, if customized and strategized efficiently. Moreover, it is a far more cost saving medium as compared to electronic and print media. Social Approach for Media Marketing Entrepreneurs can efficaciously augment a valuable amount of business with effective social media utilization. But, the graph of personal use of social media compared to its usage for marketing by enterprises still has a colossal difference. Recently, Allied Digital Group (ADG), an award winning digital marketing agency researched upon present state of digital marketing and concluded that the count of active companies on social media in the year 2012 was 51%, which reached about 69% in the year 2013. ADG also concluded that 86% of marketers give high value to social media in digital marketing. This is also to be notified that the aspect of social media being cost-free to some extent and charging comparatively little then after, is a major factor of its being adopted at such a commendable pace in this economically stressed phase. Social media marketing doesn’t relate to only creating and managing a brand’s profile on this medium. It is the way a brand communicates and involves its audience in a never-ending customer-brand relationship that may not be active every time for transactions, but will always stay connected with valuable information, interaction and trust. Deepa Sayal www.ADGonline.in