How do we reinforce women to cope with the pandemic's massive impact on their well-being?

Two years in the pandemic and the figures are merciless. Almost 75% of female professionals had a greater negative effect on women during to COVID-19 Pandemic. How should leaders help women in their workplace right now to counteract the Covid pandemic's huge impact on women? What do women need to overcome the current crisis?

More Indian women have already left the workforce since the Pandemic began. Women have been disproportionately affected by the current pandemic, which should not be the case. So will talk about four things you can do to assist women in navigating the current crisis.

The first question is to simply ask them how they are, to inquire about your women in your departments, in your organisations, and what kind of help they need to handle the current situation. Is it helping their teams, or is it a different kind of support? What are they actually struggling with, and what stuff will they welcome in order to really get on top of things and manage the situation without burning out and leaving the workforce?

Second, Please provide women with recognition. We used to take women's labour for granted; we took it for granted at work, and we took it for granted at home. This is not normal; women's work, care, and service are all things we need to start seeing, appreciating, and respecting much more. So consider the importance that your women bring to the table as much as you can, and inspire others to do the same.

Provide appreciation and encouragement because we see that women also need more encouragement to believe that they can find opportunities, apply for new employment or roles, so shower your women with recognition and encouragement so they can really realise their potential and not have to give up on their work-related hopes and dreams.

Third, Inquire about the skills they'd like to build, and provide them with a context and patterns to help them understand what skills will be required in the coming years on the job market.

We estimate that by 2030, nearly 60% of today's jobs will be obsolete; we don't know what kind of jobs will replace them, but we do know that they will require different skills to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of a transformed world, ask your women the kind of hard competency and skills they will welcome, but also make sure you have strategic skills training, including such argumentative communications, such as negotiations, presentation skills, like media communications, so the voices of women can be more heard in our ecosystem, in our society and in our media and everywhere around us.

Fourth, Send them a message to make time in your schedule for women to connect and be nurtured by the encouragement and love of others, which brings me to an invitation I'd like to extend to you today: we are conducting a nationwide survey to map the Impact of the Covid -19 pandemic on women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

We're also holding a conference to encourage and promote women so that they can learn from other positive, satisfied, and accomplished women, as well as receive mentoring from those who are willing to share their experiences with us. This year's conference will be held virtually so that women can meet the obstacles ahead with a little more fortitude and strength.