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Meet Delhi based freelance makeup artist Shruti Raj, who is also known as a creative girl with the magic brush! for her talent and love for colors in the entire bridal circle

Delhi based Shruti Raj is a freelance Makeup Artist. She is passionate about colors and beauty. Be it brides or models, Raj is known for her simple yet stunning makeup looks that make them look even more gorgeous. This girl has also got a great sense of humor. So, let’s take a sneak peek into her life and get to know her and her work better!


Tell us a little about your journey.

Its just the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. The feeling of working for self is amazing I get a sense of satisfaction when I work and see the happiness on my clients face. I come from a service background so to put across the idea of starting my own venture was a new concept in my family although my mom wanted me to continue with my job but my dad was very much supportive which motivated me even more.

  How did you come up with Neons N Corals ?

I always wanted to come up with a different name for my brand. I had always seen makeup artist using there name as a brand or makeup by xyz. I never wanted that when I was thinking of names I came up with a lot of options which were in context of makeup or beauty but was not satisfied with any of them. So my family brainstormed some names and we came up with neonsNcorals. Colours are an integral part of artistry and I love colours this name also signifies extreme (neons) and moderate (corals) or fashion and bridals.

  Did you face any specific challenges while starting the venture?

Beauty and makeup industry is a huge industry there are so many professionals in the market with good work good connections and most important experience. The time I started I was a complete fresher in every sense of it. My passion for makeup and my craft kept me going.



Did you attend a cosmetology school? If not, do you recommend it for those interested in pursuing the profession?

Attended Professional makeup course from Chandni Singh Studio. Would definitely recommend a formal training to pursue makeup artistry as a profession


What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?

I believe behind every woman there should be an encouraging Father, brother or husband if these men of the family support there woman of the family then there is no looking back, the women will feel empowered.

  How has your journey been so far, any plans for expansion? Working on expanding my brand and of course creating new ways of making women look and feel better about themselves! I would love to come to and celebrate the women there.  

What are the best makeup brands for Indian skin?

Lancome, Mac, Makeup Forever and Bobbi Brown. If you are buying a foundation always try on your jaw if you find the colour disappear on your skin then bu as that would be the right shade for you. Light pinks, coral blush compliments are skin tone.


Tell us a little about your signature style.

I like to emphasise on eyes, whether I am working on a models or a bride-to-be. I find that the eyes are the most attention-grabbing part of anyone’s face, as they add a touch of brightness to the rest. Dramatic eyes do not work on everyone, so I like to work according to each person’s face structure and create a stunning effect. This could be simple or dramatic, subdued or bright, depending on the occasion and the person I am styling.



According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Honesty is the most essential skill one should have to be successful. If you are not honest in what you are doing then it would not last in the long term.
  2. Stay updated attend workshops do brush up courses search internet, which ever medium suits you go for that.
  3. Know your USP. If you know why your clients trust you then maintain that and improve on it even more so that it becomes your signature style and no one can beat you on it.


In your opinion, which bridal makeup styles look best on Indian women?

Less is more. Heavy layers of foundation are traditionally expected and I meet many brides or their mothers who insist the foundation should ‘show’, but you actually need a minimal amount just to form an even base. Lip liners are must as it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. I think makeup that looks like it’s barely there makes brides look more naturally beautiful, and that’s what I aim for when I work with them.


What piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring youth who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur?

Believe in yourself. Trust your instinct, your instinct will show you the right direction.


Words for IWIL

Thank you IWIL for sharing my experience with your readers. Its a great platform to motivate a lot of women out there who want to make big in there life.