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Tell us a little about your journey.

I founded Women Relaxology in January 2016 with an objective of making women explore their unique interests/hobbies. Women Relaxology is an online platform which provides workshops & sessions for different interests like Photography, Travel, Books, Food, Spirituality, Health and Entrepreneurship.

How did you come up with Women Relaxology?

Being a marketer, Neha travelled the country and have worked with all different kinds of women who are married/unmarried, they all have work and life challenges with their daily life. In their mundane routine they also want to have their own time, so she developed something which caters to their interest i.e. Different &unique Women Relaxology has women leaders who have developed and gained expertise in these hobbies/interest with their 9 to 5 regular jobs.

They conduct these workshops with Women Relaxology which boosts the moral of the participants to give that extra mile to their daily routine which in return gives them pleasure & satisfaction to live life in a better way. They encourage participants to develop their skills in these fields also.

How has your journey been so far, any plans for expansion?

· We are developing a community organization, which has motive of making WR center’s where today’s women can come and pursue her interest/hobbies like photography, travel, book writing, and spirituality

· We would be catering to 3 metros and 3 non metro cities of the country

Women Relaxology is my dream venture, it came from my soul so working for it is always exciting never challenging

What piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring youth who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur?

Peruse your dreams with confidence, and learn from the Industry experts.

According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

· Be decisive and confident in what you do, its al about your confidence in your performance

· Be fearless from failures ,as they are meant to make you more stronger & a good learner

· Learn from mistakes and use them as your empowering tool

What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?

Women Empowerment will only happen when the women of today will understand and implement empowerment in their lives. They should peruse what they want to do and that attitudinal shift will bring the change and will carve out the skills of women

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Success has not shortcuts you have to earn it.

Words for IWIL

IWIL has taken a great step of featuring women who believe in entrepreneurship & believe in the philosophy of empowering themselves with right channel of success and happiness