Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

"Women-career-life: This is a very subjective question. I personally get driven by career and achievements and what you will be remembered for is the work you do is your performance on this stage called life. Being a women or not being a women is not related to the entire idea of being capable to deliver in life," says Mansi Gupta, Founder of Tjori.

Tell us about your journey so far and the challenges you faced.
It has been a rather exciting journey so far, we are totally bootstrapped start-up started with a team of 2 and today we are over 25 people team. A start-up's life is full of challenges and yes, its the multiple challenging moments that you come across during the life of being an entrepreneur that strengths you.

What is the source of your inspiration and motivation?
Mansi Gupta, Founder of Tjor I always used to get excited by unique products and would definitely go shopping for authentic things to every new city that i would visit. And then how i wish i could get the same sitting in my own city and with convenience and this definitely has been a big inspiration behind what we do at Tjori.

What you feel about the state of women in India? How you think it can be better?
I believe we have actually seen great changes over the past from being observed lower than men and also sometimes given equal opportunities. But, nowadays, time have been changed again. Women, as I feel, are getting better opportunities. May be, it is getting better day by day. But, however, there are some places in India where still women are being viewed undermined. But, they can be changed and bettered only through better mind and concepts and nothing else, I feel. Not just men, but also the mindset and attitudes of women have to change. I feel we have the capacity to make it large in life.

Can women have it all? Share your take on this.
Well i believe that is subjective to individual the choices they make, their priorities and objectives in life. I surely believe that women can have it all depending on how they define what matters to them the most. It's is a question of choice. Having it all will mean different things to different people and it is essentially a question of the priorities in their life. Once defined, they can definitely have all of what they want with appropriate planning and enthusiasm.

Would you like to play a role in women empowerment? If yes, how?
In anyway i could, will be more than happy and would do anything to make this happen.

Any message or mantra you would like to share with Indian women?
All I would like to say is just be who you are and do what you really love to do. Do not hesitate, but please make sure that what ever you do is ethical and legal. Define your priorities right and think about the choices you make should always be aligned to the ultimate goal you want to achieve.