Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

Santosh Kumari, from Himachal Pradesh, a woman who struggled her life to success, which one cannot imagine living through. Coming up from an army background, her father served and left everyone for the nation at a very early age, Santosh was just 3 years old. Her mother has had the same faith, and left her soon as well, due to illness.

Santosh, then 5 years old, without mother and father; and was raised by her only support, her grandmother. We sometimes complain almighty for the injustice done around, and some time to us. It was March 1991, when Santosh while playing around her garden, fell down of the tree and injured her spine, causing her a break and misery throughout her life. Struggling her life as such that she cooks her food on the bed because of the physical challenges she faces.

Undergoing 5 major surgeries, Santosh Kumari, never lost her strength, her vision, her motivation. She bared her own college expense, and along with it she even did a part-time job to earn her bread. Excelling her passion for sports to being part of a National team while representing Paralympics in shotput, Javelin, and disk throw; Kumari has stood her career to be a Govt. Employee in Military Engineering Service and is now an owner of 3 Storey buildings which she built with her determination and efforts.

With no parents around, and with grandmother as her only support, and around many challenges around society, Kumari never looked back, and always believed in standing for herself, for her future, with an aim to never give up in life.

Miss Kumari explains failure in beautiful 3 points -
Failure means to find way to success,
Take learning from your failure,
Failure doesn't mean life has end there.

IWIL India (Indian Women Institutional League) is honoured to share her undaunting experience of struggling out to success. With a belief "I Can & I Will", IWIL India will keep bringing forward such motivating stories of such aspiring women around India.