Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

Meet the Next Gen Techie, whose efficiency, accuracy, automation abilities and ease in the workforce comes as her forte. Basudha Srivastav Narula, is the founder and Managing Director of Express Earth and Empfy. With 11 years of dynamic experience, She believes in drawing an opportunity out of a problem. Starting in 2016, Her first venture-Express Earth is B2C Online & curated travel service provider tool. From then, Express Earth has more than 10,000 Retail customer base and 2 Offices at Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.

Her Express Earth is recognized as the 'Most Innovative Travel Management Company' by India Travel Award North, featured as one of the most successful startups in NASSCOM 10k programme.

Her 2nd venture called Empfy is a SaaS-based tool, which manages the travel and expenses of a company and speaks for its robustness. Basudha and her husband are vanguards of knowledge & versatility and have their future plans to endow predictive analysis, augmented reality, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in her new ventures that saves time as well as money.