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Meet the Woman Entrepreneur – Who is the first girl to a 10th pass from her Village and now She is transforming businesses her Data Analytics.

Her Story: The Journey of her Transforming Businesses

DataCrux Insights' Founder and CEO, Manisha V Jadhav, is a farmer's daughter who became the first girl from her village to be 10th pass and today she is a techie with more than two decades of IT industry experience. She's been a Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Corporate Trainer, etc., and has worked with senior management of renowned IT corporations. At an early stage in her career, she figured that Data Science can add value to any business who can use their data well.

Her Company : DataCrux Insights Pvt. Ltd

Founded in March 2019, DataCrux has evolved into an entrepreneurial leader in data science consulting within a short period. Being a self-funded startup in a complex Indian market, breaking the glass ceiling was a challenging task for Manisha being a first-generation woman entrepreneur. Initially, the company provided solutions to manufacturing clients, who follow traditional methodologies to run the business.

DataCrux Insights coming to the rescue transformed their business by providing a solution which increased revenue up to 50-60 percent, and unsurprisingly it was a basic data-analysis done using MS Excel

"Enterprises need to understand the criticality of the data that they are analyzing. Unless and until their basic data is usable, implementing on advanced technologies makes no sense,” Manisha says.

DataCrux team and her experience and diligent dedication towards their work helped them build a loyal client base which is gradually increasing with each passing day. The guidance from the Startup India Ecosystem has also proved beneficial for the growth of the company.


Data Crux is listed in the Top 10 Deep-tech Startups in India with 1 crore of yearly turnover. At the forefront of delivering innovative and result-oriented solutions to its clients, the company offers customized, real-time and long-term solutions that help enterprises to make a difference in the market.

Churning Data into Business Advantage: Data Science Key Service Offering by DataCrux

Global Commerce has transformed owing to the value addition by data science and analytics in a thriving business. Even the Indian Government is digitalizing many of its departments and services using data science and IT solutions. DataCrux provides custom-tailored Data and IT solutions to its clients.

Data has become a crucial as-set for generating support systems for making vital business decisions. Mapping business questions with the available data is the USP of Data-Crux. Being a Data Science Consultant, the company helps organizations with data inventory and data science application development. DataCrux offers a wide range of services in the areas of web-based enterprise solutions, software development, web application, and portal development.

“ DataCrux Insights believes in telling a story through Data and is helping the evolution of the Data Science Industry with its expert Data and IT Solutions”

DataCrux is a Google Cloud Partner and works with a diverse range of data science technologies including Cloud computing, Big data, Image processing, NLP, Deep Learning, AI, and Machine learning. Also, depending on the Data Science Projects, the company uses CRISP-DM or Agile Project Management, or Hybrid.DataCrux has global clientele including the Indian Government' MSME Ministry, MNCs etc.