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Amidst this sea of negativity on news networks and in publications, Dr. Jaya Debbarman stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals who are suffering from COVID.

She is an attending Consultant at Internal Medicine of Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, recently she got hit by COVID, was isolated and yet she’s been working from home to continuously help the sufferer during this crisis. Dr. Jaya shares with IWIL India her inspiring story with us, about her struggle on fighting this terrible disease and how she managed to work tirelessly for the betterment of society through these trying times.

Focusing on the impact of covid Situation, how you started the career and why have you started with the covid support?

I am working in Asian institution of Medical Science, Faridabad, in internal medicines department since 2010, so her journey started in Faridabad till then and when Covid started, in 2020, since 20th March, late February, we started our covid meet and march and April, I have worked in Covid directly and got posted there. Then I have seen that the disease is spreading so fast in the world and people are so helpless, because it’s a new virus, and no one knows about it, everyone is worried that what would happen in future times, that we can see in 2021.

From there, now more than 1 year, I am educated with this duty of Covid and all. she is from Tripura. I started working with 4 other people of Tripura also, with daily medication, consulting people through phone, WhatsApp, and I also got associated with some news channel so that I can help people actually.

So, I am associated here itself and for my own state also. And recently in January, I got awarded from my govt. of state Tripura amongst other 10 candidates,because I have helped them improving their system, helping people.

Otherwise, while “I was Covid Positive, on 16 April 2021, the first wave I escaped, I don’t know how even though I was directly involved. The second wave is so contiguous as we know, I couldn’t escape that. So many doctors also got affected. To all the doctors are working really so hard, selflessly to serve mankind, I am one of them so I don’t anything special in that. I am doing what I am supposed to do, which is actually helping each other in the need of time. “ “Not only doctors, nurses, housekeeping workers, delivery food and all, those are involved, everyone is so much dedicated relentlessly. Everyone should appreciate it because you know, man-kind was born to be with each other, love to help each other and off course give them with the things they need., isn’’t.

“In this pandemic of times, it should be everyone’s intention to help each other in any way you can, help is immense support in this time. “ – says Dr. Jaya

For me as a doctor, because I am not a oxygen supplier or I am not a donor of a hospital, the thing is we know how severe the disease is and we talk with the patients via phone, then we talk with the relatives on how they are doing. So, we take our call at the moment, when we know that the patient need oxygen, or need hospitalization so then and there, we make them alert that yes, this is the time you should search for all these things, because we know how this healthcare system has crushed. It is broken down in such a way that I don’t know, our system was always been like that but the thing is around our thing is when management, govt, everyone we are saving in a point of time, it was very unfortunate for the people of India and that all other countries are also praying for us.

The situation was such that I was Covid Positive from 16 April, and during my covid situation also, I didn’t drop my phone inside, silent or switched off my phone ever. Because I know, one or else whosever is trying to reach me, they must be in trouble. So, I couldn’t ignore that, I couldn’t switch off my phone and I have taken each and every call that came to me, unknown whatever.

“People are so much in trouble, it’s the time now or never. “ People are so much in anxiety and disease itself causes so much of mental pressure, because this virus is off course very bad, but When you are scared, it is more dangerous, because its breaks you inside, you lose your enthu, and you cannot fight, lose the power of fighting. So, giving the spirit, I say such things to people, making them understand that you that don’t be scared, you’ll be fine, you will get proper medicine and you’ll be able to fight this virus. So that was the thing that we have to assure people, that you can do that. “


During this pandemic, we all were struck at our home and going out is often of little possibility. How do you think, on your perception on how technology has played a major part into the pandemic?

Yes, it is very important. See, I was just reading one article. If you have a phone in 1900, in 1900 we started from World war I, to Spanish flu to world war II, and what not happened within 50-75 years actually, one after another. So people survived then without such kind of technology that time and so I will in this pandemic, you are sitting back at home but you can access to the world, with your technology so actually you are not alone. Maybe you are bound to be at home, at the sake of yours and other people’s safety. I know, it is very tough for people who are sitting at home alone and they are suffering from anxiety and those precede phases. I’ll tell them just think about the two years of life, you are working, you are not jobless, you have your food, you are not dying without food. So, we should realize this as a blessing, so you should celebrate that within yourself, so whenever you feel sad or unhappy, for just being at home. Just think of the people who are suffering from this deadly covid and are at home, you should feel okay, responsible person as an individual responsibility to save others, because one person can impact so many people. People are more digitally involved during this pandemic.

IWIL India extends help to those who are suffering right now with Covid In conjunction with Dr. Jaya, we with our program Samarpan is now offering Medical Counselling Sessions to help, guide, and motivate COVID patients and their families to transition out of the COVID phase.