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Her Story

“The journey has not been easy. Building a start-up is difficult. It requires constant push, rigorous fire and never-ending motivation and that cannot be external, it has to be internal. Something from within, a fire, that keeps you going and, in that journey, the team you have plays a massive role. A blend of right team having dedication, passion, humour, focus and most importantly hunger is very important and I am blessed to have that." says Megha Gambhir.

During her past years of corporate experience before Stupa, she had the privilege of working with several renowned clients including World Bank, United Nations as an advisory consultant and PepsiCo India, American Express as Project manager through Service Organizations like Ernst & Young, Cognizant technologies and HCL technologies.

Her company - Stupa Sports Analytics

This Delhi-based AI startup is training table tennis players globally: With over 5,000 free and paid customers logging in on the platform since January 2021, the growth momentum of Stupa Sports has continued even amidst the pandemic.

Stupa Sports Analytics, first launched its commercial operations between the first and the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, is helping global table tennis associations improve the performance of their athletes and coaches through an artificial intelligence-powered analytics app that can be installed on a mobile phone and operated using the phone camera.

Stupa harnesses the power of data analytics to analyse an athlete's technical performance, derive trends and patterns from historic data and arrange the data through strong visualization metaphors that are easily comprehensible by viewers

Funding till today

STUPA is for all. 226 countries with over 11000+ players across the globe will have access to STUPA under the “Analyse & Rise” program by ITTF HPD. This extended & expanded program includes. Stupa recently collaborated with ITTF - International Table Tennis Federation to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Real-time match and Practice analytics solutions to leading players in all its 226 Member Association (countries). An agreement to this effect was recently signed between ITTF and Stupa Analytics.

Other than that, Many World ranked players rely on Stupa Analytics to optimise their training, unearth new revelations, patterns and discover data driven insights.

“We are also working with few top most federations from Europe for their Olympic preparations. We are at early stages of our start up. We have raised a seed funding from Super Angel's in last quarter. “- Says Megha.