Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

“I want to build a community of students and entrepreneurs alike that are leveraging the power of internet of things to make our cities smarter,” said Tavleen Mehendiratta, founder, Smart City Labs. “This just does not mean from convenience or comfort point of view but innovations that could change the way we live in cities, from impacting trash to energy to home automation and more.”  

What challenges you faced and think most women face in life? Share your journey of overcoming them.
I think the challenge is mostly internal, some of us tend to have a very high emotional component which leads us taking decisions which we wouldn't have, had sanity prevailed. That said, some times the emotional component tends to play in our favor too and we can put our heart and soul into the things we're most passionate about leading us to fight against all odds to win our battles. For me personally, there haven't been as many challenges that have downplayed me as opportunities! I was talking cars at the beginning of my career and interviewing industry head honchos, this would get me noticed because not lot of women talk cars for Youtube!  

Share the milestones you have achieve so far and what more you aspire for.
Well I have worked as a motoring journalist, something I always wanted to do being a great fan of Vicky Henderson Butler and Richard Hammond. Then I wanted to go around the country and talk to people, start conversations, stir thoughts around sustainable living and cleaner mobility, I have done that as well. As for the rest I think there are still miles to go before I sleep.   tavleen2

What is the source of your inspiration and motivation?
The source of my inspiration are my parents who've always kept the flame ignited in me, talked about my passion before marriage and helped me focus on driving meaning out of life.

How would you define the state of Indian women and how you feel it can be better?
Well I think India women are all over the world today, placed really well and doing well for themselves while also making a difference in lives of others.  

Would you play a role in the betterment of women?
Yes why not. Through my current venture though I am more focused on students, entrepreneurs and these could very well be women as well.

Any message or mantra you would like to share with Indian women?
Chose boldness over doubt and fear. We all of the potential to excel in our chosen fields, we just have to believe and its time we stopped writing ourselves off and took the leap of faith.