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SHEROES is a platform I started five years back. India is a country with one of the largest gender gaps, the largest number of women graduates, and also the fastest growing Internet population in the world. This inspired me to build a social network just for women. When women come to SHEROES app, they find a safe space, a lot of support and a community. The most important thing is that SHEROES increases their chances of employment, entrepreneurship and capital. We’re a network of 21 million women and we aim to reach 100 million women in the next couple of years. 35 "Over 90% of women-led enterprises in India are small and medium enterprises. The SHEROES ecosystem is geared to support women micro-entrepreneurs and, solopreneurs via a wide range of resources, learning and earning opportunities, financial and digital skillings and community support. In 2020, SHEROES also launched its first ever online accelerator for rural women micro-entrepreneurs in six languages, helping over 500 beneficiaries increase earnings via mentorship and skilling. Additionally, over 3 million women have benefitted via SHEROES helpline, over 1.5 million women via opportunities and 60 million via all SHEROES properties. 70% of the women on SHEROES reside outside Tier 1 cities in India, and are able to access the platform in multiple Indian languages.