Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

As a kid I was given some advice. Say thank you, say sorry, wait till they hit you and then hit them hard enough that they don't think of hurting you again. Looking back, I realize I got enough opportunities to do all of that. But I did not. I stayed quiet and forgot all about it. Until one day the memories came back. That’s why Wulu talks about Zakir and Juli and you and me, and the children we once were. Wulu gives ideas, stories and reasons to inculcate healthier norms and start difficult conversations. Can you negotiate with your parents? Does the boy at school have the right to force you into being his girlfriend? Should you call the healthy kid ‘fatty’ because the popular kids are shouting that? What can you do and what should you allow to happen? Wulu makes kids think. 6 full time 18 part time "Card game and picture books for children (pre-teens)

  • Designed, developed and sold 500 units of 5 feminist picture books for children
  • Designed and developed 500 units of card games for children to help them overcome gender stereotypes


Wulu has the promise to be the best friend of underserved adolescent children in India. The positive impacts emanating from Wulu have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of these children in their adulthood.

  • Spoke to more than 200 adolescent children to understand their biggest pain points in order to develop the curriculum
  • Launched 3 pilots with ~100 children, the latest with ~1200 children
  • >80% children in one of the pilots found our solution beneficial
  • Developed a strong contextualized curriculum based on cognitive and behavioral psychology, evidence and research
  • Received positive testimonials from many children how their life changed after using Wulu
  • Partnered with reputed organizations like Teach for India, Barefoot edu to reach vulnerable and under-served populations
  • Received grants and recognition from universities like Harvard and Stanford. Weunlearn was invited by TEDx and Nasdaq for talks.
  • Selected for Harvard Innovation Labs
  • Wulu won 3rd place in Stanford Design Challenge 2021.
  • Latest project was in collaboration with SaaS provider Glific, from Chintu Gudia Foundation. Glific informed us that their platform’s user experience improved due to our project as well.

Social media advocacy:

  • Designed spaces to effectively engage with India’s youth to explain social issues using social science
  • Built a community of around 28,000 people who are consuming research based content and developing alternate gender norms
  • Developed a niche for presenting byte sized relevant information from research papers" Gender Equality NA