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Meet the award-winning Woman entrepreneur who has been changing the pace of Blockchain Technology in India

“I have been a deep tech entrepreneur for 12 years now. Started my journey with a data centre company, bootstrapped a data centre and broke it even within 6 months of operations. After that, cofounded one of the first Ethereum exchanges of India and we were forced to pivot when the banking services revocation had come into place. “ says Tarusha.

Oropocket is currently developing three product lines: a blockchain-based banking platform, a defi platform, and a new farming and staking protocol. She has a podcast that was started at IIT Delhi, and she has contributed to several anthologies.

Her Companies

She has co-founded a number of software companies, some of which have matured into self-sustaining machines over time, including Cloudrino, a cloud management and infrastructure platform. She is also the founder of, which has been relaunched as OroPocket, a blockchain-based worldwide investment platform. She is in charge of Operations as well as Design.

Her Achievements

She has participated in various accelerator programmes throughout the world and has received the STEP 360 award for Technology as well as a DST grant from the Indian government and IIT-Delhi. The Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, as well as the Women Economic Forum, have honoured her.

She was one of the finalists for the 2019 cohort of Anita Borg's WEQ. She is running a pet project called MsCEO – which empowers and mentors aspiring and early-stage women entrepreneurs.

Funding Till today

She has raised two separate rounds of funding for her ventures totalling $5 million, scaled many enterprises, and coached WEE start-ups. Her company's annual revenue is less than ten crores.