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Her Story

"Smita started Fandoro Technologies Pvt Ltd - an AI-enabled #SaaS platform that empowers businesses to be planet positive by identifying + managing their sustainability related goals, risks, and opportunities in a Do-It-Yourself fashion, using SDG framework.

Government and public sector are doing their bit towards achieving SDGs. In the private business space - She noticed large enterprises that fall under the regulatory needs or are blessed with visionary leadership adopt sustainability in true spirit and are doing some wonderful work in the space. However the largest business sector -- Small and Medium Enterprises & another growing sector of business – Startups - both are missing from the landscape totally. Private equity investors need to also take active interest in adopting SDGs in their portfolio.

One of the key reasons for this absence of SMEs and startups from the sustainability play is lack of awareness & lack of clarity on tangible benefits, which is also leading to lack of driving force to make it happen.

She saw an opportunity to involve businesses in the private sector by adopting SDGs and contributing towards its awareness.

The road ahead wasn't smooth. Being told that Sustainability is NOT a priority for many enterprises, she wondered if she had missed the product market fit. However, her tenacity and resilience helped pave a path. She led her team towards targeting the right segment of customers with the right content, continuing to create sustainability awareness among them.

In time, she managed to secure a strong partnership with an investor who is not only investing in Fandoro but also supporting them in their growth story. Fandoro has also been able to break-even in 2020.

  • Designed, developed and sold 500 units of 5 feminist picture books for children
  • Designed and developed 500 units of card games for children to help them overcome gender stereotypes