Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

Vinnie Kapoor, Founder and Director of GILD, from the time she was young she was fond of styling things around her; whether it were her dolls or famous Disney characters, she took inspiration from all the little things in life and let her imagination go beyond horizons. This vivacious young girl realized that styling people and introducing them to the art of dressing and styling, was her chosen path in life. She pursued her passion and took further steps to get certified as an Image Management professional. Since 2014, Vinnie has been pursuing two professional roles one as a professional Image Consultant and another as a renowned Makeup Artist. In the process, she made consistent efforts to help people and bring a positive change in their lives. Her passion and strong will to make a difference in other’s life by giving professional makeover directed her to set up her Brand GILD "Get the Image you Love & Desire", GILD aims at providing personalized makeup and styling services to people to help them rediscover themselves and fall in love with the new look.  

We would like to know what drove you towards your venture GILD "Get the Image you Love & Desire"…
I always wanted to do something of my own and this thought was so over me that throughout my higher education I was thinking and analyzing that will I be able to startup something of my own just by pursuing the course in any of the available streams. But it was post my PG that I realized that the idea of doing something of your own is good but if that something is what you love doing than the outcome and satisfaction will be of different level. It was then that I started exploring what is that I truly love and what can I do with that and that’s how Image consulting, styling, makeup all these things happened to me. The idea basically contemplated when I once went to my teachers place for getting tips on cracking my interview and there while taking a break in the session I got a chance to meet her mother who narrated us the story of how my teacher took up her passion of training and turned it into a fulfilling profession. I was so moved by her story that for the second half of the session I kept asking myself that “why can’t you follow your dreams”. The same thought hold me while driving back home and after lot of brain storming I figured out that I would like to do something related to styling consultation.

A bit about your journey and your set goals…
My journey so far has been full of mixed emotions. There were days when I was very happy because of the fact that I am following my dream and there were days when I was very low due to the repeated suggestions from others about considering a career fetching a secured future. The journey has been exciting and it still is as I am on the building stage but I am sure one fine day I will announce that all the toil was worth the reward, because where I am today wouldn’t have been possible without that entire struggle. In future I would like to open up my physical studio kind of space, where people will be offered with services like Image consulting, styling and makeover and later I would like to work with some NGO and train masses with my acquired skills.  

It surely wouldn’t have been easy, please tell us about the challenges you faced and how you dealt with them.
Major challenges suffered were basically regarding society either trying to make them understand about the reason behind your decision or trying to move ahead with their approval for what you do. Other than that my area of expertise is divided into two major areas, one is makeup which has a highly competitive market and other is Image consulting which is a new trend to many and not acknowledged by everybody. So definitely the path was hard but I had to keep my faith in my dream and keep moving with it, that’s the only mantra I use to face any problem.  

Your advice to the aspiring youth entrepreneurs…
All that it takes is your dream, your will, your passion and your hard work rest everything falls in place if these 4 things are intact.  

Three ‘must have’ for a successful entrepreneur…
Focus, inter personal skills and spontaneity also as it matters a lot business because it’s all about grabbing the right chances.  

Has the family always been supportive and encouraged your professional decision?
They have been supportive that’s why I was able to do it. But yes every process has ups and downs so you have to handle that accordingly. Touchwood my family life isn’t much affected by my decision.  

What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?
In my surroundings I still feel that it is just 1% of the women of the entire lot who are up for it and definitely the need in the market is much higher. Women are any day better managers because of their ability to multitask in a better way so If our country will have more women minds investing for some great ideas we will be able to grow and get other women in our country at better position than what they currently have.