Success Stories:
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Anyone with a creative thinking and determination can take photography as a weapon to change the world. World can be made more beautiful through the camera.

How did you start your journey as a photographer?
It all started with my father who inspired me always and motivated me to take photography with so much love. He bought me my first camera on the Valentine's Day and my journey started. He is the biggest inspiration I would ever get.  

What advice would you like to give an aspiring photographer who would like to have a similar startup as yours?
One must have a deep interest in photography and curiosity to learn things. Knowing the basic about latest camera gadgets and having the basic knowledge of lighting system is an important thing to know. One must buy a DLSR camera knowing his or her interest area. There are many genres in photography; select the one you would like to follow. Many cameras and lenses are designed for a particular use, understand the purpose of each. Investing money in camera or any lens must be done only after knowing the reviews or personally handling it before buying. Once you are equipped and enough knowledgeable you can have a kick start. Anyone with a creative thinking and determination can take photography as a weapon to change the world. World can be made more beautiful through the camera.

Please share your future goals.
I aim at having my own studio and make an excellent team for my studio.

What all challenges did you face and what were your strategies to overcome them?
Many a times I faced people who were of the view that there is no point paying so much money to a photographer as it is just about clicking the shutter button. My answer to them was "if it is only about pressing a shutter button then everyone would have been a photographer. The thing that makes the real photographer stand out of the crowd is the perspective to see the world around and the creativity of making pictures more alive." If you are talented at something you must not do it for free. There would be no value for the work you do and the talent you possess.

What's your opinion about whether women can have it all?
I feel every human being on this earth must be characterized on the basis of his/her determination to do things and not on the gender. Women, I feel are stronger than men, both by physic and mind. God made women with elegance and talents and they must use it to the fullest.

What piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring youth who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur?
"Where there is a will, there is a way", is the best thing to follow. The youth are the real power of the country today. One must never surround self with negative thoughts. Whether it is small or big, opportunities are always to be taken advantage of. Always realize the correct opportunities and never miss them.  

According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
The skills that one must possess to be an excellent entrepreneur are: Giving importance to time, Having Patience, Using the talents and energy to the fullest.

How have you managed the work-life balance and has the family been supportive?
I am an engineering student and practice photography along with it. I make time on weekends and learn many things from the internet itself. Family is the main support I have. Everyone in the house adjusts with my timetable and makes things easier for me.  

What can best empower the women of India– education, politics or business?
Education and Business are the main things that can empower women in India. Education has the power to make miracles in any fields. Business minded women can make a lot of progress to their family as well as the country.