Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

Having handled various exhibitions all over the world, Savina Sharan, the wearer of multiple caps, has been playing with colures and designs from the last 25 years. Started with a small boutique of hand painted bed covers, is now supplying to customers from all over the world, including giants like Wal Mart , Pier 1 , Target , Louis Vuitton , WHSmith , Barnes and Noble , Harrods, Tesco, Asda (Walmart), Calvin Klein and many more stores as well as wholesalers and importers across the globe. She has now opened her own retail store in GK-1 for Wedding Cards and Gift Packaging products, to learn and serve for the Indian market in the name of ‘Art Papyrus`.  

Brief introduction about your entrepreneurial journey.
Here is a small introduction on my Lineage that began thousands of years ago. Gently peeled off the bark of “Papyrus” tree I am proud to have served the sages as they wrote their scriptures, poets and playwright; authors and composers; scientists and artists. The list goes on. As my metamorphosis continued through those years my form and gamut of utility enlarged by leaps and bounds. In the present times I am delighted to have evolved to the high stature of “Art”. My explosion of colors-bright and subtle, varied textures and hues, myriad forms are a visual treat for the senses. Having graced stately homes in the United Kingdom, and Europe, mansions in the USA as also the leading high end stores for more than two decades I have now come home to share my elegance and glamour with the discerning and those looking for exclusive designing in India. Artifacts India, my parent company is the genesis of my being. I could be with you from that first flutter of excitement to announce a “Baby Shower” to the arrival home of your bundle of joy, to help you set up the room, theme gift packaging, invites for the christening or “namkaran”, It doesn’t stop here . I would be with you as the little one grows up.... All the craft decorations for a theme party , invites to return gift wrapping would be my pleasure to execute as per your request and the occasion. And the saga continues… I would still be there the day Prince Charming comes for her hand.
On that emotional yet ecstatic day, I shall quietly organize all. Starting from ‘save the date’…going upto the wedding invitations and organizing all other important wedding celebrations stationery, boxes, bags, wraps and baskets ….. the ‘shagun potlis”, the bidai gifts and themes to decorate for pre- wedding parties!
An elegantly designed menu card for a special sit down dinner. I will especially gift wrap her trousseau in boxes which could add elegance to any corner of her new home as memorabilia. I shall be with you as she flies her nest but leaves her warmth with you forever. I love festivals, fun n frolic I love to hang n jingle from Christmas trees looking down on happy families exchanging gifts as Grandpa sits in his armchair sipping cocoa and smiling on a cold winter night with the fire…  

Something about your enterprise ‘Art-Papyrus’.
Art Papyrus, the all-new enterprise in GK–I, N–Block Market in the capital’s Mecca of stylish retail, clearly sits poised for creating a revolution and giving a whole new versatility and meaning to the concept of paper packaging, lifestyle products, invites, creative renditions and more. At Art Papyrus colors are brought to life through plethora of papers with ingenious designs. Paper is the material, which has inspired me for the last 20 years to form relations with leading designers internationally leveraging our parent co. ‘Artifacts India’ to a lead position amongst exporters in our field.
The child venture ‘Art Papyrus’ merchandise profile offers utility and aesthetics, includes colorful wine decorative accessories, stationery, Christmas wrapping papers and lighting, storage, Innovative and effective invites, photo goods, bags and beautiful totes, exclusively designed reams of wrapping papers, gifts boxes and innovative packaging. Bags, printed/plain/metallic tissue papers.  

You achievements till date.
I have won many accolades till date, stating with the Excellence Women Entrepreneur and top Export Awards from Export Promotion Council for Handicraft (EPCH) since 2003. The Best SME award from Business Today, Federation of Indian Women (FIWE) honored me with ‘Priyadarshani Award 2012’ for outstanding Women Entrepreneur and D & B & ECGC also awarded me on the same account. My designs have also been certified and selected by a German Design Council- Rat Fur Formgebung. Top and prestigious fairs in Frankfurt have displayed my designs and products in their future trends shows where no other Indian has ever been able to get place.  

Few words about the women professional in your team.
I have employed many women workers; they have not only been excelling in their field but gained expertise in new areas such as binding, which was earlier dominated by men. Despite many accolades and benchmarks, i consider that my greatest accomplishment is to be able to create a positive work atmosphere and zealous drive in my team. I truly take real pride in mentioning that I have some great designers in my team who have never ever been to school… but still their acquired skill & Sexpertise have made them a real gem.  

Piece of advice for the aspiring youth entrepreneurs.
Believe in yourself and your capabilities; the only person who can make it happen is “You”.