Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

Brief introduction about yourself and tell us something about “Aura concepts”?
I am Nirjarra C Dosshi, Founder of a holistic company Aura Concepts. Being a Spiritual Scientist, Healer and occultist all my activities and consultancy are carried out under my Company. Aura Concepts caters to all products for Mind Body Spirit. Like Magical candles, Therapeutic aroma oils, metaphysical products like charms etc , I also offer my counseling and consultancy on various healing modalities like Tarot, Numerology, Angelic Guidance’s, Runes, Pendulum Dowsing, Signature analysis, color therapy, aroma therapy, Chakra Therapy, and Mudra Therapy. Aura Concepts was born not only to unleash your powers within but also to identify and restore your hidden energies.  

What ignited the spark to start your own venture?
I rejoined my company back on previous position, post my pregnancy but soon I realized deep down I wasn’t content. Motherhood had added another dimension to my life and that helped me evolve and open my other hidden, latent energies as a Guide. I soon realized I loved giving back to people and so I totally followed my gut feel and passion and founded this Holistic Company called Aura Concepts. I saw that many people need all sorts of help (just not financial) but didn’t know whom to approach professionally. I realized that I had lots of offer with my skills, power and knowledge, a deep predictive guidance in their life to make difference and set them on right course. So with this was the core idea behind to start AURA CONCEPTS.  

Something about your journey and future goals.
Journey itself is a magical one. No one dreams to be an occultist in life, especially when you have strong entrepreneur qualities. I started very early in life and started working with my father company while studying for my graduation. Post marriage I worked with other corporate companies for experience and soon joined my family business. Post pregnancy I was on a sabbatical enjoying motherhood. With free time on hand, I joined various courses out of which were one of Color Therapy. I joined with the intent to aid me in helping in my marketing and branding skills. That seminar changed my life. Mr. Podar (Head of Indian Holistic Society), speaker made me realize my hidden talent as a healer. He advised me to come for advanced course too, I didn’t want to attend and so excused myself and told him that next time when he does in Mumbai and if I still am liking the Subject will do so. And He predicted I am putting you for my feb batch. In that 8 months I suddenly realized slowly all these inner talents surfacing and I was connected to various different healing modalities which I took and got certified for. Ofcourse I did join his advanced batch as predicted by him. I was embarking on a different journey far different from what hardcore entrepreneur I was. The Metaphysician and spiritualist in me had born .The kundalini was slowly rising and soon I was a dedicated person treading the path chose by Destiny. Since it was more of call of Destiny, I am not so worried about my future goals and each day unfolds and unravels a persona of me. I have trained myself into so many different aspects of spirituality that I now train and educate people. That’s the Goal in life to make more and more people aware about it and heal and help people. Working on a Plan right now o start an awareness program which can help people help and heal them.  

Did you face any challenges?
No, I just did not face any challenges which I couldn’t tackle. The life is full of challenges and best is to accept them and tackle them. People close to me doubted if I could support myself financially with this profession. Also they were shocked and discouraged with my choice of profession. Having a client base is altogether a difficult battle. But like I said nothing one couldn’t handle or tackle. There were days with no clients walking in. But I channelized all my energies into getting more and more knowledge. I didn’t allow negative thoughts hover for a long time. That’s the biggest challenge and if you are focused and positive, you win over them.  

What are your views on the thought, that as compared to male counterparts, it’s harder and more struggling for females to make a mark professionally?
Women naturally have to struggle more than males in any field (except child birth as no competition there) for a very specific reason. She is both working as YIN and YAN or as SHIV and SHAKTI. When she is working out of her homely duties, her mind and body and spirit are obligated to involve both side of role. As a Shiva she has to work as a male with raw and earthly powers of PROVDER, and as Shakti, A nurturer and compassionate female acting as a nourisher and protector too. She has to tap into both her potential energy to work successfully. Also with greater power comes greater responsibilities and even greater stress to fulfill and deliver consequently leading to double struggle. She essentially has to face harder aspects at core level and add to the mix Gender Bias, Male Domination, Power Struggle naturally, it’s a huge task to make it successful. But because of her enduring nature, all women who are working right from labour contractor, maids or women who are running their country have done a brilliant and contributing job..  

Piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring youth entrepreneurs.
I think today’s youth are much more superior and powerful then what we were. They are better informed and well versed and they have lot of exposure in life from the experiences around them. The society is also progressive and slowly drifting to unconventional ways. We are reaching Age of Aquarius where anything and everything is possible. Only advice I would like to offer them is to make sure they soak into consumer driven society fundamentals else they will end in rat race like most. Youth today are super talented and can break the pattern and have a great career out of their passion. They should follow that passion where they excel rather than settling for their dreams for a mediocre job.  

According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
I think to be a successful entrepreneur you need to be a good human being as only a good human being can offer back to the society. Being grounded is highly vital to grow. Without strong roots the tree won’t reach the heights. You Family is the reason you want to achieve success but if you don’t focus on them and just grow alone, you may reach heights but will be lonely or with fake people, this will hamper your growth later in life. Being Educated: You should be over qualified for the job you should be doing. Only then you can excel yourself and grow to greater heights. Being ethical and moral: I think is the law of nature, you can’t be wrong with it. The growth may be slow but it builds your reputation. Your brand value and when your brand value is higher, of course we reach higher and at better position.  

How do you manage the work-life balance?
I think balance is a tricky word here, but yes I do try to do so. From morning 7 to 12 I am like any regular house wife managing my homes and chores and daily routines. But from 12.30 to 8.00 I am a professional managing my work, client’s studios and related activates like workshops, classes, seminars etc.  

What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?
I don’t think we need to promote women entrepreneurship in India. We all have maids coming to our home and doing work. We have all women working as labor in construction working. These women work out of compulsion and not choice. So if you ask me, all these women are empowered but are not aware. Yes on a larger perspective, Women needs to be more aware of herself, her rights, her dignity and Identity. Women in India are most neglected people. Women are taken for granted by in-laws, children including her own family and other elements in society. I think a lot needs to be changed by the mothers of the Son who probably can make a difference by upbringing them and teaching them to respect women from early age. That would be a true women empowerment when a woman is respected loved and cared for just like the way her family does. If each family is proud of the Woman they have, the woman will blossom and do enterprising things for herself and her family and for her nation.