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“CSR is a very important aspect of business. It is karma, we have to give back to society and the less fortunate and also build our world. While all of us do our bit in our day-to-day lives but when corporates do it, it has a different scale and also impacts a much larger base and helps a lot more people.”  

Brief introduction about yourself and tell us something about Cynergy Consultants?
Steve Job had once said, “Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary” and I am a true believer of that. I am an electronics engineer and MBA in HR and worked for 10 years in corporate industry and left the same to enjoy every bit of motherhood. Soon I started training corporate professionals, which allowed me to interact with like-minded people. During this time my heart and intuition told me to start a company which would offer few unconventional trainings and services to corporate. After being on the other side of the table for 10 years I realized that merely training people in an organization does not help. So founded this company with an Ex colleague and started the journey of challenging the conventional ways of working and proving results by putting them on a path of efficiency. Cynergy Consultants is a young company which believes in providing the Business process solutions and implementing the same along with the management and people of the organization by using methods like Business process reengineering, Six Sigma and lean Sigma. We are helping organization in eliminating the waste and reducing defects from their business processes and also in implementing Best practices across industries.  

Please tell us how difficult is it to manage your professional life wearing two caps one as Director Cynergy Consultants and another as Business Head Training and Consultancy Epitome Information Technology Solution Pvt Ltd.
Well, its not as difficult as it seems. One needs to strike the right balance and ensure that you are doing justice to both. In this case both these companies have different products, services and also audiences. While at Cynergy we are working on the process re-engineering, six sigma and other business enhancement initiatives, at Epitome it is more of technical training and skill development. What really has come to my assistance is the acquired multi tasking skill while working in different positions in the corporate world where one has to ensure that you are delivering on multiple divergent projects at the same time. Now I enjoy doing this and to be honest am ready for more!  

Please talk about your professional journey, your challenges, achievements and future goals.
My professional journey started 15 years back when I was working with V-customer as a quality expert. That was a great starting point and helped me understand the corporate world and also quality and business processes and initiated my quality journey. Post that, I was in Bharti Airtel for a few years and they laid my foundation for my six sigma and quality path. These were great years and I did my master black belt and also during this time was given an award by the president of India for our initiatives. Great years. I moved then to Bharti Teletech as the head of quality and next few years went in establishing and setting up an ERP system and processes. This was different from my earlier days as this was a retail organization and helped me get a new perspective and also a lot of exposure to a new industry. Then started my entrepreneurship journey and that has been the most fulfilling and formidable till date. We created Cynergy consultants to help build there business processes and also use modern techniques of six sigma, Lean, BPR and QMS implementation etc to help them do what they were doing better everyday. We are a company that helps companies increase efficiencies and we ensure quantifiable results and that has set us apart. Our client list has major telcos, realty companies, manufacturing companies, IT majors, Consulting companies, auto mobile companies, solar energy companies and the list is really encouraging for us. What we really count as success is that a lot of our clients are coming back to us again and which a solid proof of our contribution. There have been many challenges in my path through the years. Quality is a journey and needs time and effort and a lot of contribution from all the teams and motivating them and making them a part of the journey has been challenging. Then challenges which every woman faces when you are a mother of a two year old and also managing your house on your own were faced by me .I guess this list is endless and actually pushes you back on your journey and makes you think multiple time if you are doing right or not. For my future plans there are some ideas that have to pursue one of the passions that I have that is fashion and am exploring that apart from building my current interests further.  

Your views on the thought that businesses in India should focus more on CSR activities for holistic development.
CSR is a very important aspect of business. It is karma, we have to give back to society and the less fortunate and also build our world. While all of us do our bit in our day-to-day lives but when corporates do it, it has a different scale and also impacts a much larger base and helps a lot more people. In my firm opinion the CSR should be taken as a responsibility and delivered like one rather than just have a department to manage compliances and we will see India change and grow a lot faster.  

What piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring youth who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur?
The only advice that I have is not to take up entrepreneurship as a solution to your day-to-day problems of corporate life. Take it up if you have a plan and are filling a gap for your audience. Do research and a lot of it and believe in that plan and when you are convinced jump in and not give up till you achieve what you have. And trick is to ensure that you have no Plan B. have a plan, stick to it and ensure that it is implemented and believe in yourself. People often read about the nice success stories of people but neglect their journeys. The journey of entrepreneurship is challenging and one needs to have a firm resolve to ensure success.  

According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • First you need to be able to multi task and also handle multiple diverse things at the same time.
  • You need to be determined and have a never say die attitude and continue under all situations.
  • Third you need to have patience and composure, as things will go wrong

What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?
There is a huge need for women entrepreneurs in India. There are a huge amount of women across the country that are highly educated and are now at home and housewives and are not using their education and skills to good use. They need a platform and encouragement that there are avenues that can be explored and they can do so much more and if we can promote women entrepreneurship we can give them the right forum.  

Some words for IWIL (Indian Women Entrepreneurship League).
IWIL is a great concept and forum and as I said earlier this will help so many women achieve their dreams and latent talent and will help our nation grow. You have done a great job in getting this wonderful concept together which will help so many women to get motivated to use their talent and get on the wonderful journey called entrepreneurship. I appreciate and congratulate you for a stupendous job.