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Brief introduction about yourself and tell us something about
I am the Co-Founder & Director at (A Brand Owned by Natural Instinct VegaLyfe Pvt Ltd.). I am passionate about making this world more natural and free from cruelty and build India’s largest Vegan and vegetarian store. is India’s first online store for Vegans, vegetarians and to support healthy living. The online vegan store offers over thousands of pure vegetarian, organic & herbal products, right from chemical or pesticide free and naturally grown pulses, rice, wheat, spices, cereals, vegetable oil to latest non-leather fashion collections to radiation resistant maternity wear. Every single product at is handpicked and is only offered for sale once we are sure that:
a. Food items are naturally grown without use of pesticides or chemicals.
b. Cosmetics, baby products and body care products are manufactured with materials that supports healthy living and DOES NOT use any derivatives from animal body or tested on them.
c. No animal product contamination or usage is present in any food, cosmetic, clothing items – ideal for Pure Vegetarians, Jains and for Vegans. At VegaLyfe the mission statement is: “Spreading and Creating Happiness through convenience of Compassionate Living”.  

What led to inception of VegaLyfe?
The inception of started out when I started my journey to turn Vegan 4 years back but found myself challenged for convenience. That time there was not even one (online) shop dedicated to Vegan and 100% vegetarian products that I could conveniently shop from.  

A pioneer in every way, you founded India's First Online All Vegan Organic Wellness (VOW) portal, what’s you take on the thought that there is less space for Vegan culture in India?
India with a population of over 1.3 billion has around 500 million vegetarians. Though most of them are lacto vegetarian (they take milk products) but the concept of animal loving and worshiping is not new in Indian culture. I am sure in coming times, more and more Indians, especially the young generation will adopt Veganism. Vegan is the only logical new normal for the world to secure its future.  

How did you began you career, please share your professional journey? Was being an entrepreneur always on the mind or it just happened with time?
Coming from a business family with experience of creating value for the country generation after generation, I carved a different path and was black sheep of sorts in the family when I chose to go out and work for someone else. The beginnings were humble as a Key Account Manager at one of the leading MNC banks in India, more than a decade ago! As one of the founding team members for the New Millenium Banking project launched by Citi in Delhi then, it was a great learning experience. Customer centricity and relationship management were the focus areas for me and I worked to manage the Net Relationship Values of the accounts & set up a CRM system for corporate clients.  

Do you plan to expand VegaLyfe? is already growing at a fast pace, day by day Indians who value health and compassion for themselves and for their family are adopting India’s first vegan and 100% vegetarian store as a place of choice to shop regularly. In the coming times we plan to expand further both at national and at international level. As the word is spreading more and more people are placing trust in us and this is very special for us at We are constantly on the look out for good people and therefore see us growing not only in creating value but also in the space of creating more jobs for the country.  

What piece of advice would you like to give to the aspiring women leaders who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur?
Choose your path and follow your calling. As women we have an innate strength to manage a lot both at work and at home. We are born entrepreneurs with the vision and ability to create something as phenomenal as life and the heart and mind to nurture. Leverage your strengths to keep yourself active and be successful. It is important for every woman to connect with self and know self. Do not get discouraged by the pitfalls or shy away in carving your own path. Remember, if we did not create trails on mountains, we would have never reached the summit. Mountain trails are never easy the mantra is to- Keep Walking!  

According to you, what are the top three essential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Strong purpose to solve a problem - People Centricity - Ability to engage  

How do you manage the work-life balance?
It comes naturally to me. VegaLyfe is growing and we are all getting busy. I encourage my colleagues to spend time identifying self and expanding horizons to stay on course. As a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, I strive to expand my life and my day to balance it all. The time for self every day is very therapeutic. I make sure I start my day with the “me” time and then plan my day well.  

What are your views and opinions towards the ambiguous need to promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment in India?
Women are born entrepreneurs. We take charge when others are likely to flee. We have the unique power to create and nurture life. We have that strength to attach and detach as course of life. We are self-empowered human beings. The only need is to connect with who you really are. I feel women need to identify with themselves, know themselves and flaunt that. I see a movement- “Connect with the Woman in You” as a rather more important subject to focus on than anything. Rest will all follow.