Success Stories:
Her Story Her Way

25-year-old Dimple Mirchandani a member of the well-known Lalwani business family has her own ventures - Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser. Recently awarded with international certification in Yoga training. Here is a glimpse of her journey.

Tell us about your journey?
I started working at an early age. I was always passionate about doing new things that led me to start my own ventures - Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser. Recently I was awarded international certification in Yoga training & Currently I am pursuing certification in Diamonds and Gemology From GIA.

What difficulties did you face while making your dream a reality?
I have always given my full to anything that I have done in my life. To make a dream come true requires a vision and dedication along with hard work, and I have always enjoyed doing so - therefore, no such difficulties.

How did you get the idea of starting your own venture – Secret Dresser?
The Idea sure came from my own closet ,the exquisite Indian outfits made by the best Indian designers, barely worn once with utmost care and some never worn lay hanging in the closet , along with beautiful luxury accessories like bags and belts that I never used, so what's better than sharing . Indian market is sure a place where is could be well accepted too. I think if one has a clear vision and enough dedication to make it happen.

Keeping in mind the social and cultural bondages which generally trim down the freedom, confidence and boldness of women, what steps/programs/policies you would like to suggest for the ladies who want to be successful like you?
I totally believe that women have a privilege by nature , only they can be hardcore tough & nurturing soft at the same time. There is nothing a woman can’t do; after all they have the power of creating a tiny human from scratch and nurturing a family. If each woman realizes and believes in this fact about themselves, they do not need any policies or programs .

Would you like to share your secret success mantra with our readers?
My mantra -Stay fit -Live a balanced life , be close to nature - rise with the sun , eat real food , be connected to yourself , trust yourself enough and whatever you do , give it a 100% .

What are your plans for the future?
I only plan on working to best of my ability today and be better of me each day. Let’s wait and watch what future has for me …

Any challenges you faced in starting this business?
Every startup comes with a set of challenges of its own. A new venture never comes easy .However I truly believe that challenges are good - they make you work harder.

Words for IWIL
Thank you for bringing out talents. Keep inspiring Women and help them realize their true potential and the power they possess.