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 Founded in 1934, AOC is the international brand of TPV Technology Limited, a US $ 12.2 billion Business Conglomerate that was formed in USA and is now based out of Taiwan. Being the world leader in the display business, TPV group designs and manufactures a wide range of LED and LCD displays for global distribution across Europe, North and South America, Australia, China, India and many other Asian countries. AOC is a complete one stop solution for all display needs. It has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays, with every aspect of AOC’s business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyles. The brand boasts of robust line up LCD and LED televisions ranging from 19 inches to 42 inches and has recently forayed into the 3D televisions space.  

How you define AOC and its market presence?
The PC market in India has been showing a slowdown in growth of recent. This is mainly because of the increasing growth of portable computing devices like tablet pc’s and laptops which has cut into the PC market share. This has naturally affected computer display sales as well and market continues to shrink on a yearly basis. Despite the slowdown in the industry the AOC brand has managed to do quite well. We have been market leaders in the sales of computer monitors and have managed to consistently feature among the top 3 monitor brands, market share wise. We feel there is still scope for growth since PC penetration in India is still low and this market is only being tapped into now. With better internet connectivity and PC penetration increasing in rural India you can still expect computer displays to be around for some time.

How you are contributing to the growth of technology, especially in India?
There are many new exciting technologies which are being integrated with traditional displays. We have displays with superior IPS panel technology as well as displays supporting resolutions higher than Full HD (1080P). Some of these monitors come with new connectors such as Display port which support display of such large resolutions. 3D based monitors as we discussed previously is also a growing and improving technology. Monitors with single and multi-touch capabilities are also growing in popularity. AOC also has recently ventured into Smart display market. AOC’s All in One Smart monitors can be used as a traditional monitor as well as work as standalone All in One PC utilizing inbuilt Android OS. This gives users great flexibility. Some of these models offer touch support and inbuilt webcam/mic as well, the display therefore becomes like a large android based tablet. This gives Android enthusiasts access to thousands of available Android apps and endless possibilities for work and entertainment usage. We also have monitors with MHL connector which allows users to display their mobile device (supported tablet/Smartphone) screen on the monitor after connecting a cable which can also charge the device at the same time.

What differentiation AOC have created in display technology?
AOC has more than 75 years of lineage in display manufacturing with more than 10 state of the art manufacturing units worldwide. We (TPV) are the OEMs for the most of the leading display brands worldwide so we have the in-house expertise, which makes our displays outstanding and superior. AOC has a strong research team, which keeps on exploring latest technologies in the display segment for the consumers. We are among the first to introduce such new technologies in our monitors as well. Pricing wise as well AOC brand is affordable to customers offering superior products at more competitive prices. We have been in India for more than ten years and we understand the market as well as local customer sentiments very well. To give the best, most technologically superior products at the most affordable prices to customers we think is what gives us an edge above other brands. We are putting our best efforts in introducing the finest of the global technologies to the Indian market. With this approach we have already brought some of the exciting Smart Monitors and planning to add more such monitors loaded with latest android versions for unlimited access to Google apps in the coming months. We are right now focusing on bringing new range of entertainment monitors to provide the game and entertainment enthusiasts the liberty to enjoy the contents to the optimum level. The products will hit Indian market by end of this month.

Which is your most successful product or solution? And, what unique you have served to the society?
AOC offers new products and technology very frequently in market. But if you talk about the best product which has changed the brand outlook was AOC’s Razor series monitor. That series is very stylish and sleek. When we launched that monitor in India, all other brands were offering the bulking design and thick panels where in this series was supposed to be the slimmest one and we got the edge for this series. We have captured the market and managed to increase the brand value in market due to this series.

How AOC plan market strategies and how you are planning to expand further in India?
AOC products are very affordable and equipped with latest features and technologies. So, we just need to analyze sales statistics to determine business growth potential. We seek out and target new customers and new sales opportunities, initiate action plan to approach and secure new businesses for the company. We are bullish in all the verticals in providing best of the display solutions. But as the IDC report also suggests Commercial PC Market is showing some up trends amid the down turn, so now the most important vertical for the PC Sales is the Enterprise sector. We are hopeful that with the new Government in place a great deal of E-governance activities will take place which will instigate the demand of IT hardwires, especially monitors. We feel there is still scope for growth since PC penetration in India is still low and this market is only being tapped into now. With better internet connectivity and PC penetration increasing in rural India you can still expect computer displays to be around for some time. We are hopeful, that the new Government will come up with some opportunities under the E-Gov regulations, which will help us in increasing product volumes in India.